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Support Cracked Screen - noooooooooooooo

Well, as expected MetroPCS was no help. I found a screen online though:

Samsung D600 Conquer 4G OEM digitizer - - Cellular Accessories | Mobile Accessories | Cell Phone

Guess I'll be rolling with a Sprint logo now... :)
#2 Stingroo, Mar 1, 2012
u still have warranty with the store and samsung i wouldnt replace the screen cuz it may void that warranty. i suggest u get in touch with metro and speak with them then if they wont help u go to and go to their support page and get ahold of the customer service number that phone has a 1 year warranty with samsung.
#3 n4zty, Mar 1, 2012
Will they honor it for a cracked screen, though?
#4 Stingroo, Mar 1, 2012
Yeah, guy on the phone says cracked screen isn't covered by their normal warranty. They want $93 to replace it. I can buy that, and a shop here will do it for $30.
#5 Stingroo, Mar 1, 2012
ahh damn sorry bud i sent a bricked phone that wasnt even mine once they covered it so i assumed they would cover that anyways it was worth a try calling them.
#6 n4zty, Mar 1, 2012

Be careful, you get what you pay for... And considering its a new phone & I haven't found any teardowns or anything. I am intrigued as to why the digitizer feels springy, but not gonna open it until quality parts are available, preferably unbranded as well, I hate that metro logo. Considering the amount of adhesive used on most of the galaxy series of phones you might want to keep an eye out for assemblies or LCD's as well, in my shop the majority of galaxies we do are assemblies, because 9 out 10 times you'll crack the LCD during the break down, you may want to bite the bullet & pay the 93$ to make sure you get quality work done, with a warranty, just food for thought, goodluck...
#7 MaxOmus, Mar 1, 2012
I suppose you're right. It's only another $30 really...

Damn this sucks.
#8 Stingroo, Mar 1, 2012
lol geeze makes paying $5 exta a month for insurance worth it eh?
#9 n4zty, Mar 2, 2012
Not really, their terms state they don't cover cracked screens either.

Seems like nobody wins. lol
#10 Stingroo, Mar 2, 2012
lol lost phones and complete totaled phones = win so um lets say we place it behind the wheels of ur car and put ur car in reverse eh? lol or better yet trash it oops lost phone oh well....
#11 n4zty, Mar 2, 2012
You get it fixed yet? Was just curious...
#12 MaxOmus, Mar 7, 2012
Sent it to Samsung. Need to call them tomorrow because I can't track it, says my phone number does not match. They said 3-5 days to repair after they receive, and 3-5 to send back. I hope I have it back before Spring Break when I leave.

We shall see. Right now I'm stuck with my old Optimus, which somehow lost Android Market so I can't do anything with it but call, text, and mobile web. Sucks!
#13 Stingroo, Mar 11, 2012

The market probably updated to google play look for play in your app store.
#14 Johnny Crapple, Mar 12, 2012
I bought my Samsung Galaxy Attain from Metro PCS on three weeks ago. Loving the phone. On thursday I was playing around with it, put it down on my desk and put my wallet on top of it. An hour later, I took my wallet off and picked up the phone, and the screen was cracked in half with a lot of distortion - I didn't drop it or put anything heavy on it or anything. My wallet weighs like 2 oz. I was like (BAD WORD)!!!!???

Took it to Metro PCS the next day and they're like "The screen is cracked. We don't cover this." And I'm like, "The screen just cracked by itself." And they're like "Riiiiight...... Have a nice day sir (liar) we don't cover this." So here I am with a brand new cracked $250 brick. And nobody believes me that the screen just cracked by itself.

Took it to another Metro PCS store and asked the guy "If I had purchased insurance for this phone, would you have replaced the phone?" And he said, "Insurance on this phone would have cost you $5 extra per month, and we would replace it. But we would charge you $99 as a deductible." I was like, "(BAD WORD)So your insurance is a scam then?" And he said, "No, all insurance has a deductible sir." Then I was about to suck it up and buy a replacement LG Connect for $300.. until he said that there would be an additional $15 charge to "upgrade" on top of the fact that I'm shelling out another $300 three weeks after spending $250 on the cracked Samsung. I said, "Upgrade?? I'm getting (BAD WORD) up the (BAD WORD) here trying to buy a replacement phone at full price, and you sucker punch me with an upgrade fee? This is not an upgrade." I walked out really angry with MetroPCS.

By the way "SIR" in customer service language means (BAD WORD). And "have a nice day" means go (BAD WORD) yourself. And "can I help you with anything else" means, get lost, I just want to collect my $8 per hour and go home. This is what I've learned from Metro PCS.

Then I called Samsung said their technicians would take a look at it if I sent it in. But I can't because I run my business on this phone and MetroPCS will not give me a loaner phone - so I can't be without a phone. They want me to BUY another one!!! So I'm basically using a bricked phone where I can only see half the screen to make phone calls. Can't see texts or web pages.

My last resort was calling American Express (which is what I used to buy this phone). They have a policy which covers electronics from accidental damage or vandalism within the first 90 days of purchase. So the claim is in, and they will most likely replace the phone.. Thank God for American Express. So I'm waiting to hear back from them.

Just wanted to share my MetroPCS experience with you guys and see if anyone else had the same problem with the Galaxy Attain spontaneous screen cracking problem. I can't be the only one.

If Amex covers my phone I'm probably going to buy an LG Connect and try that out. I was totally happy with the Galaxy Attain before it broke, but I just don't trust these flimsy suicidal LCD screens.
#15 suzukiwookie, May 20, 2012

I actually believe the "it broke it's self" story... I have a friend who's attain spiderwebed when he tapped the screen... like the screen was under pressure or something and it shattered at just the right touch...

Yeah, metro insurance is a BS scam IMO.

A trick to get around the upgrade charge is to buy the handset and don't get it connected immediately. Do it yourself after you leave.
#16 Tokenpoke, May 21, 2012
I disagree mike, at least in my experience. I have the metroguard insurance, and always have. I cracked the screen on my indulge, called asurion, 3 days later I had a brand new attain. I can't see how its a scam, they did as I had expected them to do and I have no complaints.

Maybe others have had bad experiences and I was lucky, idk.
#17 ChiweN, May 21, 2012
I mean the replacement on an admire recently cost a friend of mine about 150 after you add up the 5/mo and $99 copay, not to mention gas since he had to go to a corporate store and the $12 activation on the handset.
#18 Tokenpoke, May 22, 2012
My situation is different though, look at it from my point of view. The LG connect is 300. If I didn't pay for insurance and broke the screen, I'd have to pony up 300 more on the spot to get a new one, else be SOL. Now yeah, the insurance is 5 bucks, and I might not need it for a year, costing me 60 bucks that year then need it costing me 160... but 60 bucks spread out over a year doesn't hurt, 300 in one day does.

Its like paying for homeowners or car insurance on a new car, you don't always need it, and feel like you pay for nothing, but when you do need it you are glad you have it.

I think the value of the phone you have has alot to do with deciding if you should have it or not.

My 2 cents.
#19 ChiweN, May 22, 2012

As I had hoped, American Express refunded me the full cost of the Samsung Galaxy Attain after I put in a claim for "accidental damage within 90 days". They did this in less than a week. It's not often that I would give cudos to a credit card company. But I'm really thankful to Amex for this service.

NO thanks to Metro...

I ended up buying an LG Connect $300 ($50 mail-in-rebate) plus $15 to "upgrade" <--- I'll suck that one up. I've only had it since yesterday, but I like it better than the Samsung. The screen feels sturdier (knock on glass) and the phone is pretty bad-ass.
#20 suzukiwookie, May 23, 2012
Does it matter if the phone is rooted if the screen is just cracked?
#21 itsjuggalo, Apr 10, 2013
Well if you send it in to get fixed they old end up knowing it's rooted.
#22 KageBeast, Apr 19, 2013