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That is the question. Now that I've got my boot loader woes sorted I gotta pick a rom. It seems these two are the most popular for the TF700 but which is best?

I can't seem to find any sort of comparative tests or review, thoguh according to the XDA threads on both the OP posts a screenshot of a benchmark on each that suggest CROMI-X performs about 2x faster then CROMBI-X, not sure if thats accurate or not though.

Decisions, decisions, any thoughts?


#1 IronKielbasa, Aug 6, 2014
2x? You're probably looking at one of the TF701 forums for one of the ROMs because the posted differences are not that large.

I've used both and have stuck with the CROMBi-KK because development there will continue while CROMi-X is on the shelf by the dev. I do "stock" installs, no rom2sd or data2sd and find them to be close wrt real usage performance. Stability and performance on both have been a huge improvement over the stock ASUS ROM.
#2 sparksd, Aug 7, 2014
Yea you're right I was looking at the wrong one, oops.

Which kernel do you run with crombi-kk? Cant decide which to install.
#3 IronKielbasa, Aug 7, 2014
You're not the only one to mix them up like that - the only reason I knew why the big difference is that I saw a similar post elsewhere.

I'm using _thatv10. I disable journaling and fsync in my installation.
#4 sparksd, Aug 7, 2014
Also, after install I go into developer mode and set display scales to 0.2x, set background process limit to 4, and in Performance I use Performance Profile.
#5 sparksd, Aug 7, 2014
Great, thanks for the tips! Have you tried the grimlock kernel at all0? Also have you run into any problems having journaling off?
#6 IronKielbasa, Aug 7, 2014
Have only run the _that kernel and I haven't had any problems running with journaling off.
#7 sparksd, Aug 7, 2014
I recently took the plunge and unlocked the bootloader rooted the device and installed CROMI-X. I couldn't be happier. Finally this tablet is running the way it should have from the beginning.
#8 marine one, Aug 15, 2014