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This is just a small thread with a list of dialer codes known to the LG G Stylo
These dialer codes work for me. If I am missing anything please let me know and I'll add them to the list

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for anything you do with these menus or features. I am not responsible for bricked devices or damage to your carrier connectivity. If your phone blows up it's on you

THESE WILL ONLY WORK ON SPRINT VARIANTS! (Boost/Virgin/Any carrier who goes through the sprint network)
Metro/TMO Codes:


Dialer Codes:

5689#*770# LG Hidden Menu

##3282# (DATA) Service Programmu Menu (Requires MSL/Master Lock Code to edit values)

##3424# (DIAG) DIAG/Diagnostics mode toggle (Requires MSL/Master Lock Code)

##786# (RTN) Accesses the RTN menu

##72786# (SCRTN) Erases OTA provisioned Information (Forces Reboot and a Reactivation on boot will be required)

##873283# (UPDATE) (Forces an Update [Activation/PRL Update/Firmware upgrade])

##564# (LOG) System Error Log Menu

##8378# (TEST) Accesses the test data menu (Requires MSL/Master Lock Code)

##33284# (DEBUG) Accesses Hardware Debug Menu

All of these have worked for me and should work for all of you out there. Shouldn't matter what variant. As for getting your MSL Code, I got it upon receiving my device on my receipt, although obtaining it from boost (or any carrier for that matter) might be difficult

Button Combinations:

Features only work when device is powered off!

Volume down + Power (RECOVERY) Boots from the recovery partition on the device. Here you can do a factory reset, wipe cache, and manually flash an official update

Volume down + Volume Up + Power (IMEI & S/N DISPLAY) Displays the IMEI and Serial Number of your device.

Volume Up + Charge Port Power [Plug in charger] (DOWNLOAD MODE) Puts the device into download mode so you can reflash back to stock using LG Flash Tool..


#1 ScarletRooter, Feb 23, 2016 Last edited: Jun 2, 2016
These are useful. Thanks for posting. They all come up on my VM G Stylo. Nice to know these are available. Haven't tweaked anything yet, as I don't need to do anything.
#2 daffyducknj, Feb 24, 2016
Of course, thought everyonr should be aware of these. Even though all I know is that with the Master Lock Code you can tweak the Data Programmu to improve connectivity
#3 ScarletRooter, Feb 24, 2016
Could someone possibly try these on a T-Mobile/Metro Variant and report to me if it works?
#4 ScarletRooter, Apr 11, 2016
These have been confirmed in another thread.
#5 BrickHouse, Apr 12, 2016
Actually, they do not work on Metro Or Tmobile! I found that out today as soon as I got my metro stylo. It seems these are only available to Sprint Variants. The only dialer code I could find for MEtro was *#*#4636#*#*
Which is the Hidden Testing Menu
#6 ScarletRooter, Apr 13, 2016