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General Direct call widget missing

This is really my biggest disappointment with the Galaxy S6. Samsung removed the widget to enable direct calls. This should be basic functionality on any phone. Why Samsung removed this option is beyond me. Anyone else missing this? I used those direct call widgets daily. Now I need to open the contact first, the choose a number. I am starting to really regret switching from my Galaxy S5.


#1 MaartenV, Apr 12, 2015
Used them daily as well! How can we get these back? It's a hassel having to do it the long way as much add I use them through out the day.
Someone help?
#2 Kirie, Apr 19, 2015
Interesting....I use nova launcher. I imported my previous phone's launcher and the direct call widgets I had previously work on my home screen, but they are not in the widgets directory!
#3 Hightech, Apr 20, 2015
A big thumbs up for Nova launcher... for lots of reasons!
#4 jrowlings, Apr 20, 2015
I use them while driving for safety reasons. Found something I like better. I used an app called Desktop Visualizer to put a nice sized picture of my contact (say my wife) on the screen. Set it to open her contact when I touch it. The S6 has a setting to automatically dial a contact when (1) the contact is open on your screen and (2) you put the phone up to your ear. So one tap to open the contact, put the phone up to my ear, it calls her.
#5 stevez444, Apr 22, 2015
Go to the contact - go to more in left upper corner and select fastbutton on home screen.
#6 Enahmir, Apr 29, 2015
I use and love Android Pro Widgets... for the sole reason of their contacts widget. There's a 5x5 that you can resisze to full screen. You can create custom groups. They scroll. You can set the default action to direct dial, bring up the contact badge, message, email... whatever you want. I have two full screens with two different custom groups. Love it.
#7 jrowlings, Apr 29, 2015
Try 'resizable contacts widget' from play store and you can direct call
#8 Enahmir, Apr 30, 2015