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do all apps and games use data

i have the $25 data package for the HTC inspire 4g which is 2 GB a month. I was wondering if when i use my apps or playing my games on the phone uses up data


#1 garrettvonflue, May 1, 2011
You would need to look at the permissions for each app to find out. If it asks for internet access, it's using data (although sometimes with free apps this is only to deliver ads).
#2 wayrad, May 1, 2011
For some you can turn your data connection off and still play, it just stops the ads, not the game. I do that for Angry Birds (the only game I really play). I do it because the ads are poorly placed, but if you play a lot it could save you some data...
#3 Clementine_3, May 1, 2011

As mentioned above, you'd need to look at each app/game individually to determine its data requirements. There's no one-size-fits-all answer.

You can simulate not having data by enabling airplane mode.
#4 takeshi, May 2, 2011
If apps that work without internet insist on going online anyway, you can simply block 'em with DroidWall. You'll need to root your phone for that.
#5 Diabo, May 10, 2011