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Does chrome in recent apps connect to wifi?

Random question.
When chrome is in recent apps on your Android. Does the website that you had in your chrome in recent apps connect to a new WiFi and use the wifi or is it asleep in your RAM. I've been reading different things and would love an answer .
Many thanks.
New to Android forums!!


#1 Notgreatatcomputers, May 16, 2018
Neither. Even if Chrome was totally shut down, it would appear in the recent apps because recent apps is basically a list of thumbnails. Just like your browser history, you'd see there the websites you visited but not all of them is necessarily active.

Chrome being connected to WiFi still while not being in use is dependent on several settings. For example, if you chose to use Chrome to access Facebook instead of the app, Chrome would by default query Facebook servers from time to time to check for notifications and alert you. If there is a wifi connection available, it will use that.
#2 chanchan05, May 16, 2018
Thanks so much for that reply!
#3 Notgreatatcomputers, May 16, 2018
By active do you mean currently in use yes? I had chrome open the day prior on a different wifi. It was still in my recent apps the next day when my phone automatically joined a new WiFi. The fact I didn't go into the browser or clicked into the recent apps would mean it wasnt active right?
Also if chrome did connect to the wifi without being used actively e.g. apps, Facebook etc. Would that webpage that was in chrome connect to the wifi through that or not?
Thanks again for your help, you're really making this alot clearer for me
#4 Notgreatatcomputers, May 16, 2018
Active as in it's in RAM and still open in background. Not necessarily in use.

It doesn't matter if Chrome stays in recent apps list for a day or even 30. As I said, the recent apps list is just a history of apps you opened. Just like if you got to Chrome's browser history, you can see all apps you opened for the last 30 days, the recent apps list will hold as long a list as it can, regardless of when you opened the app or not.

The webpage you left open on Chrome will not reload. It will reload and refresh only when you open chrome unless the webpage is set to query for updates, like if it was open on a chatroom.
#5 chanchan05, May 16, 2018