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General does the G2 have emoji's

Does the G2 have the ability to send and receive emoji's from iphone uses as well as facebook and instagram? I know the Note 3 can do this but I'm thinking about picking up a G2 and this is a big feature for me


#1 mach1man, Mar 26, 2014
not sure which specific emojis youre talking about...... but if the Note 3 can do it them Im sure the G2 can...... probably just a diffferent app or keyboard required

I know the G2 has some emojis on the stock keyboard but maybe not the ones youre looking for
#2 copestag, Mar 26, 2014
Yes, even the stock LG keyboard supports emoji
#3 BecomingDeath, Mar 27, 2014

Just curious how these render.
#4 bberryhill0, Mar 27, 2014
The sms handcent app has emoji you can download for it and they're the same that's on the ios
#5 OrKo, Mar 27, 2014
They're all pretty much the same. LG has kind of created their own style though. Makes it unique to the G2. Anything you send to an iPhone will use the iPhone styled emoji for the recipient.
#6 BecomingDeath, Mar 28, 2014