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Support DT Ignite: Newbie questions I need to ask now

Yesterday, while trying to help a poster here find answers to disable mysterious unasked-for news feeds, I saw this article from a couple of years ago: Verizon's Shady DT Ignite App is Silently Installing Adware on Phones: https://android.gadgethacks.com/new...is-silently-installing-adware-phones-0175780/
There was a link there to this app on the Playstore: DT Ignite Detect and Disable:
I installed it and ran it. Sure enough, it told me I was 'infected' and linked me to the place in Settings to 'Force Stop' and 'Disable.' I did that and ran the app again and it told me I was infected but the DT Ignite was disabled.

I had never seen this app before in my life for all my time messing around in Application Manager so I'm not sure where it was hiding. I just got my S7 Edge and the first thing I've noticed about it is that nothing on this phone is as amenable to search and discover as it was on my Note 4 - and it lies too: Under the 'All' applications, it is by no means showing me everything running on that phone, as the Note 4 did, so now I'm wondering how many other weird things are lurking on my phone that I cannot find.

Any mysterious ads or newsfeeds that I didn't like have been stopped, for I sure don't see any now. If I cannot find unfamiliar apps on that app list - all I see is what I installed myself and the usual Google and Amazon stuff - how do I know what's spying on me or using up resources? Verizon already knows who I am and where I am because I'm on a contract so I don't mind about that, but who's to say any other apps are linked to them and not somebody else? I am really concerned about identity theft, which is rampant in my part of the country, so the less personal info anyone can find, the better for me.

Should I just call up Verizon and ask them what that DT Ignite is all about, and anything else they might have included with my phone? Has anyone here done that? What answer did you get? Has anyone here noticed an improvement in their phones after disabling that app? Did I 'overreact' by rushing to download that 'Detect and Disable' app? Was it even necessary if I'm not experiencing any particular problems?


#1 PurrsSW, Mar 3, 2017