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Tips Dual SIM/Best way to have 2 numbers/phones?

Hello all,

My "issue" is simple -- I have 2 phones and trying to figure out if I could consolidate to 1 or....

I have a personal line and a business line, both of which I want active at all times. At the beginning I had 1 line and it worked, but then I wanted to have a way to know when I got calls related to business after hours... So that I can consiously decide if I want to take them or not. For example, I may be working late and so I don't mind picking up the biz phone... But if I'm hanging out after a long day of work, then I want to relax, so I don't even want to look at the biz line. Still, I want to have my personal line at all times though.

That's why I got the second phone. If I'm done with work I put it away, and if my personal phone rings then I know it's not for work.

Recently I decided that I want to cut down on radiation.. Been hearing a lot of bad stuff about it. So I started looking into Dual SIM card phones. The idea is that I would only have 1 phone but with 2 lines, so I'd still be able to choose when that 2nd line bothers me. But it turns out that Verizon does not support that.

I found ZTE Atom 7 which apparently can take 2 SIMs and supports Verizon but Verizon does not officially support it which I'm ok with (as long as there are no limitations besides support).. Is that the only solution here?? Any advice?


#1 paraspy, Jun 11, 2018
Apparently the Axon 7 can have serious problems working with Verizon.

Quite frankly I don't think there's any dual-SIM phones that are fully compatible with Verizon. Dual-SIM phones are usually sold and used in Asia, and not the US.
#2 mikedt, Jun 11, 2018 Last edited: Jun 11, 2018
Why not just divert calls from your business phone to your private phone when you want to. That way you would receive calls from both numbers (or not).

There are apps such as Eazy Redirect that give a one touch widget to set and remove call diverts.
#3 girolez, Jun 12, 2018
suck about the Axon 7. The issue with diverting the calls is tri-fold.

a) I need a way to know when a call is from the other line, and in most cases (that I'm aware of) there is no indication
b) can I divert texts too? some clients text..
c) this is very minor, but I don't like it when i call someone and it rings.. then hangs (to divert).. and then rings again -- makes me feel like they're abroad.

The Dual SIMs are actually pretty popular in Europe.. I wonder if it would work if I got a dual sim phone (ie. S9) unlocked from Europe and brought it here. Thoughts? If it supposed CDMA then would you expect any issues?
#4 paraspy, Jun 13, 2018 at 5:59 PM
Samsung does make some dual-SIM phones for Europe, like S8 and S9, however they're the Exynos variants and do NOT have CDMA modes in them. In fact most of the dual-SIM CDMA capable phones I know of are made for use in China, so they'll work with China Telecom. Samsung now only makes Snapdragon CDMA phones for the US, China and Japan. As those are really the only countries that have CDMA networks.
#5 mikedt, Jun 13, 2018 at 9:25 PM Last edited: Jun 13, 2018 at 9:40 PM