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General External antenna mod

I want to use the FME female connector below the battery for an external antenna mod. I bought a FME cable for another phone and I'll see if it fits. I want to use a telescoping antenna for it for portability, but I'm open to using something like the Wilson Electronics mirror mount antenna.

Has anyone done this? This is a general Verizon/FME question, but since I have a Dinc, I thought I'd post it here. I'm going to drill a hole in the backcover and route the cable to the top of the phone. I live in a weak signal area and drop about 10% of my calls.


#1 deadfones, Jul 25, 2010
I have no idea about that, but why not get a signal extender/repeater/etc. the sticker price on that is A LOT less than replacing your bricked DrInc. And this will do wonders for your battery life, if it works for you.

EDIT: hmmm...theres a port there. Didn't notice that before. I'll leave my suggestion about the cell repeater up. I'd be worried about breaking the FME socket. And if you need better signal at one location, or in the car it's the better solution (if costlier).
#2 euph_22, Jul 25, 2010
I considered an amplifier. It would do the job, but a telescoping antenna would be more portable and cheaper. I don't think there's a bricking opportunity by just plugging something into the provided port.
#3 deadfones, Jul 25, 2010
Wow, thank you! I did not even know this had an antenna connector.

I have an antenna on my Ford Escape from my old Motorola Q, so I just took my Incredible out and tested it.

Works great - the antenna brought me from -80db to -69db. The only problem is that the FME cable I have is quite loose - they usually have to be phone specific and the website where I normally buy them doesn't have a droid incredible cable out yet. - Cellular Antenna and Amplifier Reception Solutions - HTC

Perhaps if we all email them they will make one?
#4 computerpro3, Jul 25, 2010
I went from a Q to the Dinc as well.

If you drilled a smaller hole in the battery cover and put some rubber insulation on it, it'd probably fit snug.
#5 deadfones, Jul 25, 2010
Why boost a -80 signal? I'd go the repeater route myself, but nice to know we have antennae port!
#6 gruss, Jul 25, 2010
I have one of the extenders, and it works great with out verizon phones. My DInc keeps full signal on the voice side, and I use my wifi for the data side. I never drop calls at home anymore, and my basement is no longer a complete dead-zone, lol.
#7 heffe2001, Jul 25, 2010
ok I've looked my phone over a few times, but didn't take the battery out, but where is this port, I'm intrigued, lol.
#8 potterdood, Jul 25, 2010
I pretty much assumed I'd never see a phone with an antenna sticking out of it ever again. Please don't do this to your phone :(
#9 TheSultan, Jul 25, 2010

Where is this port you speak of?
#10 Randino, Jul 25, 2010
I'm with you, I think I may know what he thinks is a port, but I will withhold my opinion for now.
#11 Randino, Jul 25, 2010

The circle just below the battery. Just pull out the rubber cover and you'll see it.
#12 euph_22, Jul 25, 2010
Cool, good find.... Glad I kept my mouth shut now, you would have made me look like a fool LOL
#13 Randino, Jul 26, 2010
You need a 3 foot antenna on this bad boy. that would be so awesome!
#14 Jakaro, Jul 26, 2010
I want to pull a 3 foot telescope out and be a walking anachronism :)

Does anyone know of a Verizon band telescoping antenna or a FME cable that fits snugly?
#15 deadfones, Jul 26, 2010
Ouch those things are expensive....I can see it now.

Wife: what this charge for $300 some odd dollars?
Me: it is for a cellphone amplifier so we get better signal.
Wife: so let me get this spend $200 on that damn phone (yes she calls it my damn phone lol) and you need to spend another $200 so it fu%+ing gets better signal?
Me: well
Wife: cancelled)

Now that I wrote all that out, I hate to say it but I see her point. Lol
#16 Big20x, Jul 26, 2010
Double post
#17 Big20x, Jul 26, 2010
Get a wireless router, then give people your google voice number, use data instead of cell signal..
#18 Jakaro, Jul 26, 2010
So I know nothing about antennas but....would plugging into that port then running the cable inside the phone under the back cover (so its all hidden under back cover - no physical antenna outside phone) have any benefit? I have a 2600mah battery and new back cover on the way and so I believe the larger back cover has some extra room in there... whatya think?
#19 DavidinGA, Jul 26, 2010
That's not the way GoogleVoice works - it uses your cell signal.
#20 mozetti, Jul 26, 2010
Just for the record.....the network extender from Verizon is $199 with a $100 rebate......just $99!

It sucks to have to use it......but it does work!

#21 Hightech, Jul 26, 2010
If it gets you out of needing a land line, it'll save you money in no time (unless you just get skype :) ). And if you need the cell phone for work, etc.

It's really not THAT expensive, when you realize you're paying $60-100 a MONTH for service for the phone, for 2 years. Especially since it will work for every phone on in the house (unfortunately I'm assuming it won't work for LTE). Good luck telling the wife that.
#22 euph_22, Jul 26, 2010
BUT remember how good signal was back then? I had one phone with an antenna for at least 4 years and it lost reception ONCE and that was when I was way out in the sticks.
#23 imtoomuch, Jul 26, 2010
It's because they used ANALOG cell phones. Better range, and far better performance on the fringe of signal.
#24 euph_22, Jul 26, 2010
Ya, what great leaps forward we've made in cell phone signal :-( Analog sounded better too, of course hard to get your email via an analog connection I think...
#25 Dmtalon, Jul 26, 2010