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Fast battery charging

The best quick charge app in the Play Store. Fast charge your battery freely. Also Save you battery for long times.
It is a utility application for your android phone and tablets of all brands. It works in many ways to ensure the life and battery cycles of phone battery. Specially designed to boost the battery charging time and to enhance the battery life.


#1 ekrem71, Aug 10, 2017
1) I see no app name being advertised

2) how would it fast charge a device when some said devices don't have fast charge technology?

3) how can it fast charge if you use a charger below 2.0 amps?
#2 DragonSlayer95, Aug 10, 2017
Hi DS,
If you check above the thread title where the Channel name is there is a play link automagically inserted there. It is part of the beauty of channels, especially for developers.
#3 Unforgiven, Aug 11, 2017
thanks for the app
#4 android_lovers, Aug 11, 2017
No link in the app.

But anyway charging is regulated by the device hardware, an app can't change it.
#5 Fox Mulder, Aug 11, 2017
Look nice app to try in phone.
#7 Rachael Alice, Aug 14, 2017
what is the name of this app?
And is this possible in all devices?
#8 Samantha Jones, Aug 29, 2017
It's useless people. Just stay away from it
#9 Dannydet, Aug 29, 2017