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Support Flashlight Widget?

I currently have a Galaxy S3 and am considering picking up the G3.

While playing around with the G3 in the store the other day, I was trying to find a way to use the LED as a flashlight. On my S3, I can add a widget to any home screen which will turn the camera LED on and off. I couldn't find such a widget on the G3.

Did I miss something, or will I have to install an app from the Google Play in order to use the camera LED as a flashlight?



#1 bdclary, Jul 17, 2014
Not all phones have a native flashlight widget. On my DNA, I installed Flashlight Widget (clever, huh?). It's a tiny app that works great.
#2 hilmar2k, Jul 17, 2014
Here is an app someone made. Flashlight app for quick circle case, and have a widget.

#3 Lorak, Jul 17, 2014
I don't have a G3 at this time but I'm surprised it doesn't have a widget as my G2 has one. I can access it by long pressing on the home screen, choose widgets and it's called "flash". If that's the method you used, then maybe they dumped it on the G3 idk?
#4 iowabowtech, Jul 17, 2014
That widget is gone, iowabowtech.
#5 91Firebirder, Jul 19, 2014
Well if its any consolation I never used it anyway. Its widget size is larger than the app icons so it looks out of place on my setup. So I've used the Tiny Flashlight + LED app from the play store since day 1. :)
#6 iowabowtech, Jul 19, 2014
There is a flashlight widget in the LG Smartworld App that you can download and it works just fine. I am using it on my phone.
#7 Kuhns787, Jul 25, 2014
There is one super basic one in the LG app store.

Well thats what I get for not reading every post. Same thing Kuhns posted.
#8 slipmagt, Jul 25, 2014