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Support ford sync

I have ICS with my Razr and Sync reads my text messages on my Ford Flex. Have you tried repairing the phone with the car?
#2 monicakm, Jan 27, 2013
I'll give it a try. Thanks
#3 mishotgun, Jan 27, 2013
I have a 2010 Taurus with Sync and I have the same problem with upgrading to Jelly Bean and my car will no longer read texts. I just had a 2013 Taurus Limited as a rental that has the upgraded MyFordTouch which is the touchscreen upgrade for the Sync system, and when I paired my phone with that car, my phone specifically asked me if I wanted to allow Sync to access the Messaging services. I clicked yes, it worked just fine in that car.

After I repaired my phone with my 2010, it didn't ask me that same question and when I go through the menu items to set up Text Alerts, etc. I get a message on the Sync screen that reads Unsupportable. This tells me that the newer MFT got an update to be compatible with Jelly Bean and Sync V1 3.1 did not.

Anybody else have any info to share or any success stories of how you were able to get it working?

#4 daltekkie, Feb 2, 2013
My commando updated my contact list in my Genesis automatically. Both my razr m and maxx will not do it autmatically but I have do it manually.
#5 joel745, Feb 6, 2013
I'm really wanting to upgrade to JB but not at the risk of my Sync/Nav unit not reading and displaying my text messages. I have Sync version 3.1 not MFT.
Can I roll back to ICS if JB is incompatible with my car?
#6 monicakm, Mar 7, 2013
Hey, guys... I did the Jellybean update to my MAXX, and I too lost the ability to read texts via Sync. I have the "standard" original version of Sync in my 2010 Fusion. I was just on a chat with Ford, and they checked to see if there were any updates for my system, and they said no. They also told me that it wouldn't work with Gingerbread or ICS, but it of course did-- it was only after Jellybean that it stopped working. (What was even more worrying is that after specifically telling the guy that I have an Android phone, he asked me which version of iOS-- 6 or 6.1-- that I had on my phone. *Facepalm* Ford really needs to get their act together.)

I've been happy with the Sync functionality up until now. Everything worked great with my Droid X and then my Razr MAXX. This is really frustrating, however. I tired a factory reset of Sync, did the update (of which there really wasn't one), removed and re-paired my phone. No joy. :mad:
#7 MightyFurcules, Mar 14, 2013
Well, I took a chance and lost. My 2011 Ford Flex with 3.1 Sync w/Nav will no longer read my text messages. NOT a happy camper about that!
#8 monicakm, Mar 17, 2013
As far as I know you cannot role back unless you can root your phone and reinstall ICS as a ROM install.
#9 razrclive, Mar 17, 2013
Couldn't have said it better myself! I have a 2010 Taurus with the same version sync you do and it used to read my texts when I first got it. But ever since the update it says Unsupported Device. Everyone on the Taurus forums kept referring to the compatibility guide and indeed it says that the Razr Maxx is not compatible. But it did work for me prior to the JB update.
#10 daltekkie, Mar 19, 2013
Same issue. No text messaging on my 2012 Ford F150 after the upgrade.
#11 mriff, Mar 22, 2013
Do you have Gen 2 and if so, which version?
#12 monicakm, Mar 25, 2013
I have no idea. I'm traveling, but will look when I get home.
#13 mriff, Mar 27, 2013
Folks any update on this issue? I sure miss being able to have my texts read from the Sync system.
#14 mriff, Jun 14, 2013
The world will now cease to exist because we are too lazy to check txt messages when we aren't controlling 2 tons of steel in motion. :rolleyes:
#15 rnlcomp, Jun 15, 2013
Thanks for your helpful reply. It has nothing to do with being lazy. I can tell you it's a lot easier, and safer, to keep my eyes on the road, push one button and listen to the message while driving. I had that option prior to the upgrade. I'm behind the wheel for hours at at time and I get a lot of text messages. Some of them are actually important.
#16 mriff, Jun 16, 2013
I have 2012 Sync with MyTouch paired to my Razr xt912 running 4.1.2.

For the last year, I've had no trouble receiving texts to my nav system ... it displays the sender and gives the option of reading or speaking the message....

Until this week. The date stamp on my texts appears corrupted and I'm receiving random old texts from months ago - with a time stamp 1/1/1660. Did they really have SMS that long ago?

I have MAP on. I've deleted and re-paired my phone. The system time and date on both the phone and Sync are correct. So how does the date stamp get so scrambled?
#17 Sirrom, Jul 26, 2013
Hey Buddy I know the feeling, I have an 09 F150 and after the Jelly Bean update mine wont read the messages either, called Sync and they said it was no longer compatible with the update,,,,,,,, THAT SUCKS BIG TIME
#18 pinky3364, Jul 26, 2013
Both mine and my wifes on both our new vehicles works just like it's supposed to, I have a 13 F150 and she has a 14 Escape, however I didn't pair with sync while on ICS, my/her phone had already upgraded to jb before I bought my/her truck.

Any of ya'll try doing a sync reset?

This procedure is for sync basic NOT my touch.
#19 rnlcomp, Aug 9, 2013
I was really hoping this would work. But it didn't. Still not seeing text messages after the reset. Thanks for the suggestion though.
#20 mriff, Aug 10, 2013
I have a 2012 F150 with Sync and a Maxx HD running Jelly Bean. I can tell Sync to read messages and it will do so. Although I have not needed it, have you tried applying the Sync update?
#21 PowrDroid, Aug 15, 2013
I'll give it a try. How do I apply the Sync update?
#22 mriff, Aug 24, 2013
Try THIS for SYNC updates. Registration may be needed.
#23 Sirrom, Aug 28, 2013
Thanks. I went through the registration process. Looks like I have the latest software available. Which is odd as I've not updated it since owning the truck from Jan 2012.
#24 mriff, Sep 1, 2013
It's not Sync. From everything I've read and been told by Moto and Verizon, it's Moto's JB JB wasn't developed/written to support it...I can't recall at the moment what "it" is but without it, the text message feature won't work. I'm keeping my fingers crossed it will work in the Key Lime Pie. This doesn't apply to the MyFordTouch systems.
#25 monicakm, Sep 12, 2013