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Free auto vin decoder?

My buddys iphone has a program thats free and decodes a cars vin. Just gives basic info such as year motor size transmission.

Long story short just looking for a free basic program.

Dont need the ones that car fax and all the just wanna be able to determine year on unmarked vehicle say in salvage yards and stuff.


Oh and hopefully something without having to register to a website..


#1 zx12richard, Jul 11, 2010
Sounds awesome, I'd also love to know this?
#2 Joehunni, Jul 11, 2010
I can't find an app, but if you save this as a favorite (bookmark) in the browser, it may suffice until and app is devloped.

Free VIN Decoder - Vehicle Identification Number Report

Good Luck!
#3 ronbien, Jul 12, 2010
#4 zx12richard, Jul 12, 2010
I've just released a VIN Decoder application for Android. There is also a free version, with ads and a nagging message :)
#5 dcadar, Dec 5, 2010
Can you share the link please
#6 capink, Dec 12, 2010
Here it is: Market link.
#7 dcadar, Dec 12, 2010
... deleted
#8 Harry2, Dec 12, 2010