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Freebie Promotion With Note 8?

I haven't heard anything along the lines of any freebies for the Note 8 yet, has anyone?

I got the 256Gb SD card with the Note 7, and am looking forward to something else cool this time with the Note 8 :thinking:


#1 TrueFangz, Aug 15, 2017
I'd be happy with a nice HUGE discount... but so far, consumer enthusiasm for the Note 8 has been so high that I'm afraid Samsung won't think any premiums are necessary. It would be a nice gesture of good faith, though, if they could toss a bone to those of us who put up with the recalls.
#2 The_Chief, Aug 15, 2017
I hear ya. I have actually decided that if there is no incentive I will wait for either a price drop or the Note 9. My S7, while definitely not the phone I wanted, is paid for and works fine. Its just not a Note. I keep watching though and hoping for that bone.
#3 kokiangel, Aug 15, 2017
Koki? Without a Note? SHOCKING!

I'm glad your S7 is working for you. I wish I could say the same thing about my Note 5...
#4 The_Chief, Aug 16, 2017
Reading the saga of your Note 5 made me sad. The lack of external storage was exactly why I refused to buy it ever and now I am doubly glad I stuck to my guns. I still miss my sweet Note 7 but won't be looking to buy one of the Fan Edition versions of those either. That ship has sailed. I can be very patient when I want something but don't actually NEED it. We will see where we stand with the Note 8 very soon.
#5 kokiangel, Aug 16, 2017
I'm with Chief on this one. I want a discount rather than freebie for going through both Note 7's craziness. Of course I'll take a freebie if offered ;). I guess I'm glad I never got the note 5, as I always get the even numbers...Note 2, 4, and then they changed 6 to 7 and my whole superstitious zen thing went haywire, and so did the 7, which means I'm, back on track.
#6 major2112, Aug 17, 2017
No, I also didn't heard in a while
#7 krisvettel, Aug 17, 2017
Evan Blass (evleaks) is now saying that there WILL be pre-order bonuses with the Note 8: a 256GB microSD card (which I don't need) and a Gear 360 camera (which I already have). European pre-orders will get the microSD card and the DEX dock.

Frankly, I'd like to see Samsung acknowledge that Note 7 owners were put out: we were handed the most phenomenal phone on earth, and then it was taken away from us. It would be a gracious act if Samsung offered a 20% discount to those folks who complied with the September 2016 recall... and a 30% discount for those who complied with BOTH recalls.
#8 The_Chief, Aug 19, 2017
Don't have a need for another 256 gb card as I now have 2 of them thanks to the Note 7 and I have zero interest in a gear 360 camera. Next offer?
#9 kokiangel, Aug 19, 2017
Actually, the new Gear 360 is a cute little thing - much nicer than the original. I purchased a surface mount for it, which I will attach to the roof of my vehicle this fall. We have a road going up the mountain not far from here... and when the leaves begin turning, it's a spectacular drive. So I want to drive up there with the Gear 360 on top of the vehicle to capture all the colors of autumn.


I actually used it yesterday to capture the solar eclipse! That was pretty cool! I'm not sure how visible the corona will be in VR, but I'm working on getting it online!

#10 The_Chief, Aug 20, 2017 Last edited: Aug 22, 2017
Just saw this today:

Buy a Samsung Galaxy Note8 between 8/24 - 9/24 and get a free Gear 360 camera, or free 128GB memory card and Fast Wireless Charging Convertible.
#11 TrueFangz, Aug 23, 2017
I'm checking with Samsung now about discounts and promotions for those of us who went through the Note 7 recall. I'll update this post when I get an answer...


Well, I can't get an answer until tomorrow morning, because the Note 8 officially doesn't exist until midnight! At least I got the right phone number to call (I hope) when they open...

#12 The_Chief, Aug 23, 2017 Last edited: Aug 23, 2017
i read on cnet that note 7 owners that returned their phones whould get a discount of $425usd on the note 8. i don't know if the discount requires you turn in your present phone.
#13 dpeagle, Aug 23, 2017
I saw that article and I'm waving the BS flag. In fact, I sent that article to Samsung to get clarification. Rewarding consumers who defied a safety recall is a huge incentive to not comply with future recalls... if anyone should get a hefty discount, it's those of us who complied with the recall (or recalls) and had to resort to using an older, inferior device.
#14 The_Chief, Aug 23, 2017
It sounds likely that the $425 end of that spectrum would be for those who settled for an S7 Edge and will be relinquishing it for the Note8. Any lesser phone would receive a lesser discount. It's still nice that they are offering special consideration to the former Note 7 owners who were stuck choosing from phones they didn't really want.
#15 kokiangel, Aug 23, 2017
I tried contacting Samsung, but apparently the Note 8 won't officially exist until midnight! They did give me a number to call at 8 AM Central to discuss specific promotions, though...
#16 The_Chief, Aug 23, 2017
i don't think they will reward the loonies that kept the note 7, it's my understanding that only the owners that complied with the recall would get the deal.
#17 dpeagle, Aug 23, 2017
Okay, folks:

Former Note 7 owners will get a GENEROUS trade-in value... my Note 5 got a $425 trade-in for a Note 8!

You can also choose either the Gear 360 (which I already have) or a 128GB microSD card AND a wireless charging stand. I have a 256GB card and lots of charging stands... so I opted for the Gear 360. I can always sell it. So my Note 8 was all of $635. Anyway, I also picked up a GearVR (Note 8 Edition) and Express Shipping (1 day instead of 2 day shipping) so all done, tax and all, it was $722. Not bad for a Note 8, Gear 360 and Gear VR! All I have to do is move everything from the Note 5 to the 8, reset the Note 5 and send it back.

Trust me: they are welcome to it.
#18 The_Chief, Aug 24, 2017
I only saw $300 as a trade in when I went to Samsung's website. What am I missing?
#19 kokiangel, Aug 24, 2017
Did you click the link for former Note 7 owners? Maybe it varies by phone...
#20 The_Chief, Aug 24, 2017
Yeah. I finally saw it. It wasn't easy on my stupidly tiny S7 screen. I'm happy now. I opted for the unlocked version, Gear 360 and standard shipping as I am not in as much need as you. $525.19 total. Sweet!
#21 kokiangel, Aug 24, 2017
Just read on another site where folks were trying to get former Note7 owners to let them "use" their email addresses to get the Note8 deal. I nearly fell over laughing at that one.
#22 kokiangel, Aug 24, 2017
#23 The_Chief, Aug 24, 2017
Has anyone registered for their gifts yet? It's a little confusing how to do this. I ordered my Note8 on verizon's business site, no mention of gifts there. So I remember last year with the 7, we went to, and if I recall correctly, it was pretty easy to register and submit my claim. This year however, they're telling you to download the shop samsung app, so I did, and it says to click on "My Promotions" to register, but when I click on that, it says I have no active promotions. So I'm not sure if this will only work after I get the new device, or if there's any other way I can submit sooner. Hope someone has any insight on this, as I really don't have the energy to deal with VZW or Samsung customer service :rolleyes:
#24 TrueFangz, Aug 28, 2017
Ordering direct from Samsung UK they say from 30 days after pre-ordering.
#25 evohicks, Aug 28, 2017