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Support Galaxy S4 Dock Bar Won't move back to bottom of screen?

Hello! I have an issue driving me crazy on my phone. I feel like there's a simple fix but I can't seem to figure it out. Also, I couldn't google because I didn't know how to explain correctly. I layed on my screen accidentally and I guess my arm moved my "apps toolbar" to a new location on my screen. It's no longer on the bottom of my screen where it is supposed to be. Instead it has taken place in the middle of my screen, 2015-01-06-01-05-09_deco.jpg 2015-01-06-01-04-31_deco.jpg and when I try to drag it back to the bottom to move it back, it does not stay. I attached a couple pictures as well.

I appreciate any help I can get. I love an organized phone screen.


#1 Gabriellaxyz, Jan 6, 2015
Answer for future use:
Just restart the phone !
Simplest solution ever....o_O:thinking:
#2 Gabriellaxyz, Jan 6, 2015