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General Galaxy S6 64GB or S6 Edge 32GB?

I'm planning to get an S6 through my work and for $199 I can either get the S6 64GB or the S6 Edge 32GB. What do you think is the better choice? Is the Edge worth the extra money or would you go for an S6 with extra storage?


#1 Slizide, Apr 10, 2015
32 gigs is more then enough for myself. Besides that I like the functionality of the edge screen. I'd go with the edge.
#2 BigCiX, Apr 10, 2015
32 gig is more than enough for me too. I doubled what I had in my IPhone and didn't come close to using it all. I got the Edge.
#3 Veloster75, Apr 11, 2015
How much storage are you using currently? Remember that 32GB is the total on the device, including operating system and pre-installed apps, and I've read that out of the box you get about 23GB available for your apps, data and media. That's a bit too tight for me, but might be fine for you - only you know that.
#4 Hadron, Apr 11, 2015
Hadron, I had about 26 gigs out of the box. More than enough for me. I don't save space consuming movies to the device so that saves a lot of space. I'll use my iPad for things like that.
#5 Veloster75, Apr 11, 2015
I had all my pictures uploaded to google drive. I downloaded movies but deleted them once they were viewed. I use my HTC One as my mp3 player so I had no music on my phone. I'd say I can still get away with 8 gigs. Heck.....I still have the original 20 gig hard drive that came with my XBOX 360 and PS3. P
#6 BigCiX, Apr 11, 2015
While I wanted the Edge, I went with the 64Gb regular S6 out of fear of storage limitations. Honestly, the only thing that takes up the bulk of space on my phones is nandroid backups. But, since I'm likely not heading down the path of hacking this phone it won't be an issue.
#7 breadnatty08, Apr 12, 2015
I have ultimately decided to get the 128gb regular S6. Too many issues with scratches and auto rotation errors out of the box and questionable ergonomics led me to the S6. I was going to get the gold, but it's so blingy outdoors it's distracting.

Looks like a boring black S6 for me. Maybe next year.
#8 Cobravision, Apr 12, 2015 Last edited: Apr 12, 2015
Best thing to do is go to your local provider or Best Buy (for example) and hold the devices in your hand. Get a sense of what <fits> for you. We are all different. For some 32GB is more than enough. Others need 128GB. I myself use a mini flash drive to carry all my media <on the go>. It works for me. I can save the most pertinent or relevant files to my device when I need them, and then delete at my discretion when I don't need them any more. Truth of the matter is I stopped using the micro SD drive about 2 years ago ever since I got one of these It's a little powerhouse.
#9 andromatix, Apr 12, 2015
The S6 just felt better in my hand, and oddly enough I didn't like looking at the "edge" screen. So, the S6 just worked better for me. I've had mine since Monday and very happy with my decision.
#10 BoostN, Apr 13, 2015
I almost got the edge until somebody said don't keep the phone in your room because the edge of the screen will light up your room unless you set "Do Not Disturb". I'm sure there are settings that turn it off at designated times but really I don't need all that wizbang stuff.
#11 alarinn, Apr 15, 2015
I guess it all depends on what you use your phone for. Music? If so get as much internal memory you can afford. The Edge in my opinion is a novelty phone.

Music takes up gobbs of space
#12 MIKES3, Apr 15, 2015
If I really disciplined myself, I could live with 32gb. However, I would be much more comfortable with 64gb.

The reason I ultimately went with the regular S6 is that the Edge, as awesomely cool looking as it is, has compromises in usability. In the beginning, those will be fair or even minor trade-offs. But in a few months, when the coolness wears off, all of those compromises will become annoyances. A few months after that, they will be full blown pain points.

On top of that, while 64gb is comfortable for me, 128gb would be futureproof. And Sprint doesn't carry a 128gb Edge.
#13 Cobravision, Apr 16, 2015 Last edited: Apr 16, 2015
Edge is a gimmick and some have serious hardware issues, get the regular one and save yourself money.

Played with the edge and it just feels weird to use, especially when typing and you hit letters on the edge. Also get colour bleeding on some sites/pages/apps that is actually a bit distracting.
#14 bIOforger, Apr 17, 2015
What device did some of you come from? I'm using a Z3 and thinking about getting the 6 or Edge, but hearing various issues with both devices including battery issues being the biggest.
#15 alhadee12, Apr 17, 2015
The only reason I didn't get the edge was because I figured it might not be as durable. It looks slick and has a couple envy inspiring features. I went with the 32gb regular s6. In comfortable with that decision, I actually didn't know the edge was more money. I just happened in to check it the m9 on the tenth without any intention to buy the Samsung. This was the first phone I didn't thoroughly research before buying.

Anyway, if I had to pick, I'd take the extra storage but wouldn't question ones decision to get the edge. It's really cool.
#16 nynvolt, Apr 17, 2015
I'm still trying to decide which one I should get or just stick with my Z3.
#17 alhadee12, Apr 17, 2015
Got the 64 edge in gold on tmobile, expensive as shit but im loving it.
#18 Scifigeek4life, Apr 18, 2015