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General Galaxy S7 edge, KNOX, battery use, WHAT is it doing?

have a thread,
GS7 Edge Battery Life Drainage, related to battery use of my EDGE. Am working on diagnosing it.

BUT, one issue coming up, comparing my EDGE S7 to the REGULAR S7, is KNOX. I have no clue what KNOX is, or what it DOES, - BUT, my bigger question is what it is DOING to my battery on the EDGE !

AND ALSO SAMSUNG GEAR VR, using 20+ percent !

SEE ATTACHED< it has used SIXTEEN percent of my battery, over a 5 hour period. I have even FORCE STOPPED it (which did not seem to adversely affect the phone)
Should I DISABLE this, or is it important, or can it be deleted? I've read where it can act as a virtual storage, but I have NO ICON to start it ???

OR, WHAT triggers KNOX to be active, and GEAR to be active - is it monitoring security, etc? any ancillary apps that may trigger it to be active??

Any help clarifying this, and why it is working differently on the EDGE versus the S7 Plain, is appreciated


#1 nick957, Jul 2, 2016 Last edited: Jul 2, 2016
Knox is supposed to be a security app. It can create a separate encrypted area in the phone where you can store stuff.

Do you use Gear VR?

I don't have either of them appearing in my battery usage (S7 Edge Exynos Duos)
#2 chanchan05, Jul 2, 2016
U can disable it ? Because I can't.
#3 Solangeburgas, Jul 3, 2016
I don't have either installed. They're available for me on the Samsung App Store though.
#4 chanchan05, Jul 3, 2016
Me neither, knox app not installed. But Knox still appear in app manager and sucking batt with no apparent reason
#5 Solangeburgas, Jul 3, 2016
both KNOX (NOT "My KNOX") and GEAR VR, appear in "application management", in settings, BUT I never installed them, and there is NO APP ICON in the "applications" tab of the phone
there is NO DISABLE tab, only a FORCE STOP
they are somehow part of the core of the samsung phone, but there is NO explanation that I can find of what these do
#6 nick957, Jul 3, 2016
Knox is inbuilt. My Knox is just an interface for your use. But it was my understanding that Knox would not work unless it was set to work in the first place. Phones for company uses often have it activated for certain purposes. But normally it shouldn't really be running.

To the OP, I'd suggest a cache wipe first.
#7 chanchan05, Jul 3, 2016
thanks for reply.
apparently, for KNOX, you have to download the app of MY KNOX (different name, related software), to actually get the interface.

re: wipe cache, I did that

ADDENDUM, we deleted a lot of apps, changed some LOCATION permissions for some specific apps, and LO and BEHOLD, the battery life stayed stable overnight !!!!
I have no idea WHICH app did this, but for future additions, we will add ONE APP per every couple days, to see which one is the culprit.
I SUSPECT one of the NeWS station feeds, or radio feeds; their apps seem haphazardly designed, etc; and they may be triggering constant location inquiries.
If I find something specific, I wil re-post
#8 nick957, Jul 3, 2016