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So I read in the TK Gapps thread a way to disclude certain things from installing/overwriting stock apps. One major one I do NOT want installed is Google Now Launcher. Among a few other things... However, I cannot quite figure out how to create this file, keep it from overwriting/flat out deleting some of the stock apps, and where exactly I should put the gapps-config file when flashing. Assistance would be highly appreciated.

Also, I hope I am posting this in the correct forum. Apologies if I have not.


#1 st90ar, Jun 22, 2015
If someone has done the custom install, if you can post your script and inform me of where it goes (I'm assuming you just flash the zip as you normally do with the config file in the same folder as the zip), I can easily figure it out. Just not sure where to start.
#2 st90ar, Jun 22, 2015
I found this but I'm having a hard time understanding if it's saying to just type Include at the top of the config file, and then only those apps will be installed WITHOUT removing things such as the stock Launcher. Or, if I have to add a separate section to keep it from deleting some of the stock options. Essentially, I want the Full edition installed, replacing things such as the default keyboard. But I don't want it to install things such as Google Now Launcher, Camera, or some of the Play (Movies, Games, etc) things, but I don't want it to delete the stock camera or stock Launcher... Things like that.
#3 st90ar, Jun 23, 2015
Bueller.... Bueller.... Bueller.... Bueller.... What happened to the days of the Droid X where you typically got 20 replies within the first hour of posting? This is rather discouraging, to say the least... I mind as well switch back to iPhone. I'm honestly shocked that there are no replies from any of the devs or mods to help a brotha out. I used to be a super active member of the dev community on forums such as here, XDA, and droidxforums. Some of this stuff, such as Gapps packages, are completely new to me in terms of installation configuration. I could mess around with it for a couple hours to figure it out myself, but I don't have the time between work and other projects. So please, any help at all would be great.
#4 st90ar, Jun 23, 2015
I've now posted this question on 5 forums looking for an answer... Sure, the majority of you that read this probably think I am some pathetic idiot loser that needs to get a clue. All I'm asking for is some clarification on how to write the config file and how it's handled by the flashing process so I can make sure I am doing it correctly. For the love of all that is good in this world, will someone, somewhere, PLEASE provide some assistance?!
#5 st90ar, Jun 23, 2015
I'm all too familiar with scripting. But I don't have the time to read all the code in every file to figure out how the scripting process is handled from just a simple text file. If no one wants to help me, then please at least point me in the direction of where the individual Gapps flashable files are and I'll just download the ones I want and flash them.
#6 st90ar, Jun 23, 2015
This is what I'm wanting....

What I WANT installed:
Google System Base
Off-line Speech Files
Google Exchange Services
Chrome Browser
Google Clock
Cloud Print
Google Calendar
Google Calendar Sync
Google Keep
Google Keyboard
Google News & Weather
Google Play Music
Google Play services
Google Play Store
Google App (Search)
Google Text-to-Speech
Google Wallet
Sound Search for Google Play
Street View on Google Maps

What I DO NOT want installed, but DO NOT want the Stock/AOSP versions removed:
Google Camera
Google Now Launcher

What I DO NOT want installed:
Google Docs
Google Drive
Google Earth
Google Play Books
Google Play Games
Google Play Movies & TV
Google Play Newsstand
Google Sheets
Google Slides

Now... How would I structure the config file to do this?
#7 st90ar, Jun 24, 2015
Myself I would just go through with a freez and delete system app apk. there are a few on playstore alone, I myself used Chefs freezer as its simple and lite I used it to get rid of around 12 apps on my LGMS500. I just kinda skimmed through Ur issue here, hope I was a lil help.
#8 The-Truth, Jun 24, 2015
You just flash gapps I'm pretty sure like you would flash anything bro. some roms come "gapped" some not is my take so far unless I'm mistaken.
#9 The-Truth, Jun 24, 2015
might take more time than it sounds like you're trying to take. but should work to keep what u want n kick off the rest bueller lol
#10 The-Truth, Jun 24, 2015
The problem is the Gapps package that has everything (stock) also overwrites stock apps even if you don't have them installed. At least that's what I understood from reading the instructions... So, for example, if I "exclude" (however that's done) the camera app, I won't have a camera at all because it will delete the stock camera in spite of me not installing Google camera.
#11 st90ar, Jun 24, 2015
I didn't flash gapps and have everything stock that I needed. used Chefs freezer to get rid of what I wanted. I've uninstalled apps before I this phone when I first rooted so I knew what was safe to ditch. to all those taking notes use common sense U can't delete say Google play services and wonder why U can't use Google products for insatsnce. just sayin
#12 The-Truth, Jun 24, 2015
You are talking apples and oranges. Stock based ROMs don't need gapps. Aosp ROMs do not come with gapps already included because it violates Google's policies. This is why you have to flash gapps separately with ROMs like cyanogenmod
#13 Masterchief87, Jun 24, 2015
This is the same reason why kindle and nook tablets don't come with Google apps. The manufacturers have modified the android operating system so much that Google won't allow them to include their apps.
If you want to have Google apps on a kindle or nook device it has to be rooted with a custom recovery installed so that you can flash gapps. It is the same with custom aosp ROMs.
#14 Masterchief87, Jun 24, 2015
That makes sense. Man, things have changed drastically in the last 5 years since I developed for Android roms. Android 2.2 I believe is the last Android OS I touched before giving Apple land a try.

I read about Aroma Gapps too. From what I can tell, it automates the building of the config file, and gives you all the options of what to install, what stock to remove, etc. Think that would work for what I'm aiming to do?
#15 st90ar, Jun 24, 2015
Yes sir I have TWRP and wow I feel really stupid as much as I been having to flash wipe flash things through TWRP when Masterchief said factory reset I was all like huh what's that gtta do with blah blah & ya duh the slider to wipe flash etc. Inside TWRP clearly says factory reset so ya that was sooooo my bad I know better than to second guess a damn developer for christ sake my bad
#16 The-Truth, Jun 24, 2015
Cleaned up off topic posts.
Please keep to to OP's topic, thanks ;)
#17 Mikestony, Jun 25, 2015
Oh damn!

Wait what is it you're trying to do st90as?

And might I ask are you still in.... o god forbid... Apple land? Lol

Not sure what you're saying exactly? And how you can "overwrite"something if its not there to overwrite.
#18 The-Truth, Jun 25, 2015 Last edited by a moderator: Jun 25, 2015
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#19 Unforgiven, Jun 25, 2015
And Im pretty sure sir that you can't exclude anything from a gapps zip. Unless youre a developer and break it down and strip out any given app/apps of choice out of the equation, which there are versions of gapps that are already "trimmed down" You can flash the whole Google kit and kabootle. Or flash a micro/trimmed down version which helps on low internal memory devices like mine. For instance the pico/slimmed down version of gapps in which has Google play services, playstore, Google's browser and keyboard and O damn I'd have to double check but maybe just a few more background services an such. Hope that helps U some. I'm far from a developer man. Good luck bro!!;!
#20 The-Truth, Jun 25, 2015
Well of course a stock ROM doesn't need gapps it comes "gapped"The gentleman was talking about excluding apps from a gapps zip. I was simply suggesting a much simpler approach which would be to use a system debloater app wich there are a few on playstore, take you're pic and I recommend that if U don't already know what might be safe or not to uninstall freez an app/apps first then if systems stable and going along fine after atleast a day or so, then by all means if U dnt want it kick it out of you're roster. That's where I was trying to go with the "apples & oaranges" sir.
#21 The-Truth, Jun 25, 2015
The problem with the debloater apps are that they leave corpse folders behind. Which take up space. To prevent that from happening, excluding some of the apps that I never use and don't want installed would resolve that.

However, for those that are not sure how to set up the config file, using the Aroma Gapps installer resolved the issue in a flash. (Pun intended.)
#22 st90ar, Jun 25, 2015
O wow sweet I stand corrected

So cosrpse folders huh? What might they looklike/read inside a file manager so I can hunt for any and after I debloat there's really no reason to keep the debloater app cuz all is done. I wonder if it is true that an app that simply uninstalls others...... Am not doubting U by the way just very curious now so I must get to the bottom of this lol... But ya I wonder if U uninstall the debloater after finished would that maybe get rid of these coarpse files I wonder?

Ya if U knw what these files er whatnot look like lemme knw but I'm heading off to my fikemanager to see what I can dig up if it shows up that is.

& last but not least U ever check out these apps that push updated apps into the ROM ? I wanna try one again but last time my system must not have liked one or all of the apps I pushed into ROM I soft bricked my device doing this I was on another ROM tho jb nt sure if kk would make any difference. Any who k bro thanks for the input which is always appreciated!
#23 The-Truth, Jun 25, 2015 Last edited by a moderator: Jun 26, 2015
Its cool bro and I wouldn't consider myself a developer. I just know a thing or two about flashable zips and making (very) small modifications to apps. I have posted a few ROMs but they have all been pure stock. If you have noobs at one end of the spectrum and developers at the other end I'd be right in the middle. That said I usually don't say anything unless I know what I'm talking about.
#24 Masterchief87, Jun 28, 2015