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"Garage Band-Like" App for Android?

Hey so I'm really wanting a Nexus 7, but I really want a music app like garage band. I would almost consider an iPad Mini solely for Garage Band. It's so much fun, and as a musician, I can compose a small song or riff and maybe use it later. Plus its fast and easy.

Is there anything that compares to it for Android tablet?

Something with Guitar (Acoustic+Electric), Drums, Mic, Bass, Piano/Synth? I think I've heard of some apps with just a drum looping track and a synth board, but I think I'd want more.


#1 Newah, Oct 24, 2012
bump? anyone?
#2 Newah, Oct 26, 2012
Same story here! I love the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 and have been wanting a tablet ever since I bought my wife an iPad in mid-2012. I'm an Android person and I have no reasons to choose Apple products for myself, except for one very large reason: GarageBand. I played with the app only once and was totally hooked. Being a former musician and audio engineer, I was blown away at this little tablet app's capabilities. Unless someone points me to an existing or upcoming app of similar functionality on Android, I'm afraid I'm going to have to leave Android tablets in the dark.

ps -- Don't buy the iPad Mini. Get a refurbished full size 3rd generation iPad instead. It's only $50 more for the base model and much more useful/powerful!
#3 briire, Nov 1, 2012
I don't know if there are really any "good" GarageBand-esque apps out there for android but i found this article...

Best GarageBand-like Apps For Android | TechSource

Hope this helps!
#4 Digital Controller, Nov 1, 2012
Look at Walk Band on android pretty much similar to Garage Band, its fairly new
#5 raheenray, Jan 24, 2014
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#6 Thom, Jan 24, 2014