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Here's a few...None of them seem to be nearly as "complex" as GemCraft though.

Strategy (Tower Defense)
--Armored Defense - ArmoredSoft - $4.53* - 4.5 stars
--Guns'n'Glory - HandyGames - $4.10* - 4.5 stars
--Grave Defense (Gold) - ArtOfBytess - $1.70* - 4.5 stars
--Robo Defense - Lupis Labs Software - $2.99* - 5 stars
--Shrimpocalypse - Dinosaur Planet - $2.41* - 5 stars
#2 Vanquished, Nov 15, 2010
Try Crystallight Defense. There's a free trial version too.

#3 Pero, Nov 16, 2010
This game is a perfect rip-off of Gemcraft... and like Gemcraft, it gets boring really really fast. But if you want Gemcraft.... that is the game to get on Android.
#4 hydralisk, Nov 16, 2010
You should check out Ring Defense. It's similar to Gemcraft.

[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

Here's the link:
#5 Siebn, Feb 12, 2013
theres this Epic Defense - the Elements,
a tower defense game where you create custom towers by combining element gems.

but if you are just into tower defense games, id recommend the Lair Defense.
theres this Lair Defense: Dungeon, and Lair Defense: Shrine.
they are both exactly the same, just difference levels.
its one of my favorites, they're not like GemCraft, but still addictive as hell.
#6 Klasher, Feb 12, 2013