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Support glue / adhesive that samsung uses

I disassembled the phone to replace the screen i broke, its works great now, but is loose since i didnt glue it. i"ve seen adhesive strips for sale, but I need to hit the corners of the phone with some glue.

I was wondering what kind of glue samsung uses when manufacturing? I work at a hardware store so I have access to getting about anything. just want to get the right kind, so if in future I drop it again I can separate the glue from the various pieces of the phone that come apart.



#1 k2caliguy, Dec 11, 2010
I answered my question here, and I'll pass this along. Where you remove the original grey adhesive strips in the phone, use scotch tape, a kind/brand that can be peeled up again without leaving a sticky residue.

It may take a few tries to line up the screen perfectly with middle part of the phone/case. I definitely don't recommend glue!! Also, in case you want to remove it again, the scotch tape will un-peel easily. The ribbon connecting the screen to phone must be snapped in with your finger correctly, or it will unplug after you put the phone together. I had this happen numerous times until I realized, how that it snaps straight down.

For the tape, I put two tiny pieces in the top corners, and two good sized pieces in the middle/sides for the interior glass sticking to the middle of the phone.

I also put two pieces under the 4 buttons on the bottom of the phone. they were glued pretty well with the original.

This keeps the screen from making vibrating noise with out it and annoyingly moving slightly when you swype and touch the screen. Also, the 4 buttons on the bottom without the tape wont work or will have to be pressed/squeezed harder.

I hope this helps anyone who drops their phone and wants to fix the screen themselves, since Verizon is about selling insurance, and sending you a re-furbished unit.

I've taken apart the phone about 30 times in figuring all this out.

I don't want to advertise, but repairuniverse has a great video tutorial (on their website and on youtube, which showed me how to take apart the phone.

That blue plastic tool they sell is required to take it apart the first time when it is glued. and metal would break or scratch your phone. After the glue is gone, you can use your finger nail to remove pop the case (the black around the side of your phone from the silver, that snaps the back off)

To critique their video, they makes it much easier in taking apart. My phone had a lot more glue all around the case, and the buttons, it took a lot of careful concentrated force to pry it part.

Also the glass underneath you will destroy to remove with all the glue. I used a small precision flat head screwdriver to remove the glass. Jimmying it under the glass and prying it off the metal. It left some superficial scratches in the flat metal case that holds it together.

I hope this helps anyone. Since I didn't see any posting for this topic for samsung fascinate.

If Samsung upgrades the amoled screen down the road with a more efficient version, or makes that unbreakable plastic amoled screen I've seen on gawker, and its compatible, you could easily replace the phone using these directions and that video.
#2 k2caliguy, Dec 14, 2010
Hey Thanks for this post man. Been a while since you posted it, but it helped me out. My phone got ran over by a car, but I am fairly confident it works as I plug it in and it makes the charging noise and also the vmail tone. Anyhow the screen was shattered into tiny little splinters so it took along time to get the little splinters and adhesive off the phone. I am ordering a new screen and digitizer right now.

You mention you used scotch tape, I assuming it was double sided and very thin. Do you remember the brand?

Thanks, it's been a while since you posted. Hopefully this reaches you.

#3 bigmook, Mar 13, 2012
Wouldn't tape between the electronics & the screen cause problems with the touchscreen?
#4 PHILnFINGERS, Nov 11, 2012