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GMail number of days to sync

After searching the forums and reading a couple of relevant threads I wanted to make sure I understand something.

On the Android phone under the Gmail settings, if you set the number of days to sync to 1 and set the Inbox label to 1 day, then the maximum number of emails in your Inbox that will be stored locally on the phone is 1 days worth?

Seems it stores the headers for all emails in the Inbox irregardless.


#1 hogman99, Dec 27, 2009
No. The sync setting determines how often the phone checks your inbox for new messages to notify you of. I have mine set to never because auto sync is a battery drain and I got by just fine before I got my droid checking my email a few times a day.

To me its just as easy to open up email/gmail manually and let it refresh my inbox that way. Don't think I need to be notified the second I get a message about vicodin/viagra etc etc spam messages.
#2 fUry327, Dec 28, 2009
Mine is set to one day but it seems like I still get notified instantly if a new email comes in even if I have my task killer set up to auto kill GMail.
#3 hogman99, Dec 28, 2009
Thats because the OP was right....sync four days means you have 4 days worth of emails downloaded as default....not check once every four days.
#4 magnus, Dec 28, 2009