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Support Go SMS Pro Back-up help?

So I've recently discovered the wonders of the free back up feature on Go SMS Pro (I've been using Handcent until now) I was wondering does the back up create some sort of file that I can put on my computer as a spare back up and if so what is it called on the SD card?

Also as a general question if you've had both Handcent and Go SMS which do you prefer and why?


#1 HellzoneX, Jul 18, 2011
it should create a folder on your sd card. you can just copy it to your desktop via usb.

as far as which one is better. i love handcent and i never had the need to try go sms.
#2 ocnbrze, Jul 19, 2011
Thanks. I agree Handcent is great but firstly it doesn't have free back up and it also lags a bit for me. Go SMS is really smooth (That I've seen as of yet.)
#3 HellzoneX, Jul 19, 2011
I have used Go SMS Pro to backup my messages but i am not able to find a way to restore them back to my phone.
Has anyone tried to restore the backed up messages??
#4 nischal.bhanda, Oct 24, 2011
I've used both. Handsent is really nice but it wants you to join and pay for services like backup / restore - you can use smsbackup to bypass the need for this or Backup Manager.

I am stuck on GO. I like that its much more themeable then handsent. But with a backup / restore built in makes it even better than handsent imo.

to restore from go tap the top icon (left) on the message bar in the popup box tap sms b&r choose the restore sms tap the advanced on the bottom right then pick and choose which threads to restore. only draw back is restore is one at a time
#5 argedion, Oct 24, 2011
I'm using Go sms pro and i need to save some messages from my phone and move them somewhere safe to where i will not lose them. What can i do? I've been trying to pull that up on my email so that i can make sure that i have it. PLEASE HELP!
#6 qledoux, Dec 2, 2011
Welcome to the forums!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Try SMS Backup from the android market. It will save the messages to the sdcard
#7 andygu3, Dec 2, 2011
I'm using GO SMS Pro on my HTC Inspire. I've managed to backup a message thread to my google mail. It attached a file to the email called user_date.dat. User being the thread i backed up and date being the date backup was performed. I want to port those messages with header and timestamps in tact to something like Word or PDF. Is there a way to do that?
#8 bigdan409, Feb 17, 2012
Use SMS backup from market it saves your SMS into a folder in your G mail account.
#9 wolvesinwales, Mar 7, 2012
I have the LG Marquee and use the GO SMS and in order to save them to your computer you have to look for the folder GOSMS..... backup... and then you should be able to save that file to your computer. Not sure about reading it though.

I hope this has helped.
#10 lm2586, Jun 8, 2012
What about private box SMS?? It says it's backed up, but to where? Regular SMS backed up to gmail, but not private. Help!
#11 soxfan1962, Aug 9, 2014
Hello Everyone,
I have taken sms backup on my old handset. now i am not able to restore it to my new handset. Please help me.
Old handset :- Lava iris 406q
New Handset:- Honor 6
#12 arunrbhat, Jan 28, 2015
Hello arunrbhat!
I've moved this whole thread into the Android Applications forum as it is discussing the app;)
Can I assume you are using GoSmS Pro?
#13 Mikestony, Jan 29, 2015
Yes i am using GoSms Pro
#14 arunrbhat, Jan 30, 2015
i have been using GoSms for past 3yrs, My previous backup are in DAT format but in recent version it is in Zip, How do i restore my previous back up to my new version?
#15 Pradeep14arch, Nov 14, 2015
I really need your help! :( I have taken sms backup on my phone. But it doesn't find me the restore file. After the backup, I have been uninstalled the app, and now I want to restore my private message. Can you help me, plese?
#16 Myriammm, Jan 6, 2016
Sorry to hear your having trouble with your backup / restore. Honestly I haven't used go sms or any sms backup in a couple of years. For the past couple of years I've pretty much use hangouts and I don't even bother backing up sms messages not that I really get any but I realized that when I was backing them up I never went back and reread any of them any how so I stopped worrying about them. Now on to see what we can do for you.

Can you get more specific about why you need to restore? ie factory reset / issues with program / etc

Do you have a file manager on the phone and can you use the file manager to locate the backup you made on your sdcard?
#17 argedion, Jan 7, 2016
use go sms backup option
go to GO sms folder in yr phone memory
u find backup folder

now if u want to change ur phone copy this backup folder to ur sd card
then install go sms in new phone and go to backup and and backup yr sms in new phone
it may be few company sms in yr new phone
go in to yr sd card and find yr backup folder which u copy from old phone
cut or copy it from there and then paste it to the gop sms backup folde in yr phone memory
then open go sms and go to backup and select the backup file which u copy from sd card

it done :)
#18 balveersingh, Jun 9, 2016
If I uninstall GO SMS Pro altogether tho, and I later want to view the backups in my new phone, isn't there a cloud I can use? Cus I t think I remember they were also uploaded to a cloud. I have backups in my Gmail too, but I have to use a note editor to view them, which includes all the mumbo jumbo used in the background (see image). If I reinstall the app can I view them that way? (Still, I prefer their cloud but can't seem to find it so far.) Thx! Screenshot_2017-01-08-17-14-40.png
#19 zleoyodo, Jan 8, 2017
My advice would be to install a separate SMS backup app and use that. Then your backup doesn't require that you use a specific app for SMS, and you can transfer it to another phone whatsoever sms app you use on that.
#20 Hadron, Jan 9, 2017
I have made a backup using Go sms Pro. and i want to know that how can i view my back up messages on my windows laptop.


please email and share comments. ThankYou
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