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Google maps won't play voice directions

I'm experiencing trouble with google maps not working for giving directions. I've looked through my settings, but cannot find anything to change. Help!


#1 Tuliptwy, Aug 17, 2017
Are your media sound all the way up?
#2 Dannydet, Aug 17, 2017
Yes, everything's up. I've gone through about 7 suggestions and none of them work. Hopefully someone will have an answer. It's very frustrating.
#3 Tuliptwy, Aug 17, 2017
Hi, it's not easy to suggest anything useful without knowing the various things you've tried in addition to Dannydet's sound setting.

One thing that isn't always obvious is that voice directions won't be given unless GPS is not only switched on but has actually 'locked on' to the satellite signals. This is normally indicated by the GPS indicator in the notification bar changing from 'flashing' to 'steady', that is certainly the case on my HTC M9. What indication do you have?
#4 tommo47, Aug 17, 2017 Last edited: Aug 17, 2017
Thank you for your suggestions. One or all of the suggestions have helped as maps is working this morning. Unfortunately, I'm not sure which suggestion it was, so am of no use to anyone else for them to fix it. Thanks again and have a good day.
#5 Tuliptwy, Aug 18, 2017
I used to have the same problem in my car and the problem was my Bluetooth was sending it to my car radio. As soon as I turned on the radio and set it to my phone's Bluetooth or I turned off Bluetooth then it worked.
#6 dalegg, Sep 13, 2017