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GPS Inaccurate

Please give more details as to how you're determining said 'GPS apps' are mistakenly detecting you're moving around. The names of which 'GPS apps' will help too.
#2 svim, May 16, 2018
No, I mean the GPS receiver itself.
#3 aabejide2, May 16, 2018
The apps are DigiHUD, GPS Status and Toolbox, GPS Data.
#4 aabejide2, May 16, 2018
So using the 'GPS Status & Toolbox' app as an example, when you have the app open are the indicators showing the phone is actually in motion? Are you holding the phone at the time or is it sitting stationary on a table or whatever? Regarding GPS detection in general, are you inside a building or at least near an outward-facing window, or outside?
#5 svim, May 16, 2018
I am holding the phone at the time. Downloading XTRA data makes it even worse.
#6 aabejide2, May 16, 2018
Which indicators are you talking of?
#7 aabejide2, May 16, 2018
There are several numerical and directional indicators -- heading, orientation, pitch/roll, latitude, longitude, just to name a few -- that will all vary when holding your phone. Unless you've braced your arm so it's perfectly still any number of those indicators might vary a bit since they're based on the motion sensors in your phone. Try setting your phone down on a table or desk so it is actually still and then see if any of those indicators change.
Still not quite sure just what your actual problem might be. It sounds like your phone's sensors are working as they're supposed to.
#8 svim, May 16, 2018
Long story short forget the app for a little while and just go into Google Maps and make sure that your location is enabled and check and see if it's locating your precise location. Also factor that depending on where you are, meaning structure or depth of location may interfere with the GPS pinging signal. If Google Map can locate you +/-3% error of margin, It's most likely a connection interference obstruction to your device.
#9 KBU2, May 16, 2018
Ok, but beware: This phone does not have a compass sensor.
#10 aabejide2, May 16, 2018

Test your GPS with Google maps, 1) Outside in a clear area, Do a 1 meter Figure 8 with your device over your head for 2 minutes. Check the map and see if it's connecting. 2) Do the same inside the structure you are having the issue with and see how precise that the location is then. If the outside location is better than the inside that means that the structure that you are dwelling in has a interference with your device.
#11 KBU2, May 16, 2018
My GPS does connect, but sometimes it detects that I am moving when I am not.
#12 aabejide2, May 16, 2018
I have this issue outdoors as well.
#13 aabejide2, May 16, 2018
Do you have settings>location>mode>high accuracy enabled? This will use both GPS and network locations to pinpoint your phone.

Does this 'false motion' occur pretty much anywhere or only in specific locations?
#14 lunatic59, May 16, 2018
Pretty much anywhere... Even though I have high-accuracy mode enabled.
#15 aabejide2, May 16, 2018
Well, the 530 is a budget phone. Maybe HTC cheaped out on the GPS radio. :thinking:

How far/fast are you supposedly moving? Is it jumping around or smooth motion? Straight, circular or random?

Have you tried an app like GPS test to see if the satellites are steady when your phone is stationary?
#16 lunatic59, May 16, 2018
I have to agree, a budget phone will be wonky at best .
#17 Dannydet, May 17, 2018
Yes. Satellites are not stationary.
#18 aabejide2, May 18, 2018
Okay, then you have a cheap or defective GPS radio. Not much you can do software-wise to improve that.
#19 lunatic59, May 18, 2018