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Tips Gps using usb port on kindle fire

I have pre ordered a kindle fire and was wondering about that USB port. I have a wired GPS receiver I used with an old Street Atlas program; I wonder if Backwoods Navigator or one of the Android map programs would work. That would solve the GPS for those that want it. What about a USB memory expansion for that 8GB limit?


#1 moose26, Sep 29, 2011
From what can be gathered about the Kindle Fire, the USB it slave only; not a host port. meaning it can only be plugged into a computer and used for the dev bridge, and one big flash drive. And not big as in space, big as in physical size.

I hope I'm wrong, because I want to be able to plug in a USB keyboard and mouse. However if I am wrong, your GPS receiver will still not work, because of the lack of drivers for the device, and lack of GPS software w/maps. I doubt Amazon will allow google maps and nav on the device, and even if it did, you would still need an active Internet connection for it to work.

I'm sorry to be the barrier of bad news, but I don't think this will be possible. However, this is still an unreleased device, I COULD be wrong, but I doubt it.
#2 FinalStorm, Oct 10, 2011
If the Kindle gets full BT support, I guess a GPS with BT would work with the Kindle right?
#3 Saltine713, Nov 14, 2011
That probably won't work, however once this device is rooted you can GPS tether to your Android phone (assuming you own one).

TetherGPS on the Market
#4 lynyrd65, Nov 14, 2011
The performance of the GPS would be pointless then. Why would you tether your GPS to the Kindle when you have it on your phone?
#5 Saltine713, Nov 14, 2011
Would that really work? I was just going to ask about that possibility but I couldn't imagine the ability for that to work properly. But then again i know nothing about working with that kind of hardware.
#6 mungoid, Nov 14, 2011
The example situation for this app is wifi tethering a nook color (similar capabilities as kindle fire) to an evo to use GPS. So assuming that a Maps app can be sideloaded after rooting, I would say yes.

#7 lynyrd65, Nov 14, 2011
To some (including me), it's nicer to view maps on a larger screen.
#8 lynyrd65, Nov 14, 2011
I seem to remember reading a review in which someone sideloaded Google Maps in the stock Fire UI. Don't think it'll pose much of a problem, but if it does, you can always root - Amazon seems to be pretty hands-off in terms of worrying about the Fire getting rooted instantaneously.
#9 echoes106, Nov 14, 2011
The typical way you'd add it would be one of the Bluetooth GPS apps - BluetoothGPS4Droid, Bluetooth Mouse, etc. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like it has BT - http://www.amazon.com/forum/kindle?_encoding=UTF8&cdForum=Fx1D7SY3BVSESG&cdThread=Tx3PK3050TSO02B

So... do we think "Not at this time" means "No hardware", or "Hardware, but needs a software upgrade/rooting" Otherwise, the best we'll get is a wifi shared GPS through TetherGPS or some such.
#10 maric, Nov 14, 2011
I don't know anything about the Kindle Fire.

I am running my Nook Touch on a USB hub with keyboard and USB GPS hockey puck. It's also charging.

For you, the first problem is to get USB host mode working, then to get the USB serial driver working. At that point you can get the NMEA data.

The problem I'm working on now is how to get Google Maps configed to use the data.
#11 Renate, Feb 25, 2012