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Support GPS work without cell service?

Does anyone know if the S2 GPS will work without being on cell service?

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#1 Tonefisher, Oct 9, 2011
yes the gps will work, but it may not show where you are on a map because you need data to download the maps. google maps is supposed to cache a map for use when data is not available but im not sure how good it is. i know there are other maps in the android market, i dont remember any specific ones though, that are completely offline, meaning you dont need the data to download the map.

but back to your original question you dont need service for your gps to get a lock, they are completely different
#2 CrimsonPride, Oct 9, 2011
Isn't the GPS augmented by cell site data? That means a much longer start up time before the GPS locks onto satellites.
#3 geofffox, Oct 9, 2011
There is A-GPS, where the GPS works by triangulating your position from cell towers and GPS satellites. That's what the GS2 uses.

A-GPS definition (Phone Scoop)

That's some more information on it.
#4 Jellz, Oct 9, 2011
It absolutely DOES NOT need WiFi or Cell service. Neither does my Infuse, my iPhone 4, or my iPad 2 (GSM model - the WiFi iPad has no GPS chip AND ONLY USES WI-FI for GPS).

These devices all have dedicated GPS chips in them and the WiFi or Cell connection only enhances or assists (A-GPS) the GPS chip and can sometimes make your GPS lock faster.

If the GPS in the SII is as bad as the one in my Infuse (and I understand it is NOT) it might take forever to lock without WiFi or cell but right now I have turned off WIFI and CELL on both my Infuse and iPad and went into my backyard and I am able to lock the GPS on both devices. The iPad took 8 seconds to lock and the Infuse over 3 minutes. iNFUSE gps IS crap.
#5 MisterEd, Oct 9, 2011
Thanks for clarifying :D
#6 Jellz, Oct 9, 2011
Use telenav. It downloads the directions. When you hit a dead zone, telenav should stay locked on your position through gps. I haven't had it cut out on me without data, though I'm on the sprint e4gt I would imagine it should be the same for you
#7 nemesys06, Oct 9, 2011