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General GS5 How to Specify Home Screen?

When I first got my GS5, I 'somehow' made the Home Screen the far left screen just like I had it on my Galaxy 'S' phone. On the Fascinate 'S' phone you could make any screen the 'Home Screen'. All of was Fine and Dandy until I decided to "Register my GS5 phone" with Samsung. After that, the phone got really screwed up and I spent a week trying to make it the "Way I want it".

I've got everything locked down now, except the Home Screen. It is the 2nd screen from the Far Right. Dumb place for it to be. Should be on the Far Left.

I have searched through all of the settings on the GS5 and no where can I find a place to specify "which screen" I want to be the Home Screen.

Also, I have noticed that all Downloads seem to go to the Home Screen of Samsung's choice. That was not so on the Fascinate, Downloads went to Downloads period and then I was able to assign them to the screen of my choice.

Anyone figured out how to Specify which page will be the Home Screen ?



#1 AZgl1500, Apr 28, 2014
Try two quick taps on the Home button. That should bring up your screen layouts, Move whichever screen you want to be your Home screen over to the area where the check mark is by holding down on that screen and moving it into that space with the check mark.

#2 dontpanicbobby, Apr 29, 2014
Are you using a GS5?
That just brings up the Samsung designated Home Screen page

The way you bring up the Floating Screens is to Tap Hard and Hold in a blank area of a screen. You then have to Tap Hard and Hold again to Move That Floating Screen where you want it, but you cannot assign a Specific Page as the Home Screen.

I understand that IF I go to the trouble of moving all of my icons around to the Samsung Home Page, I can get what I want.... that is just a PITA though.

I am a bit leery that new Downloads will simply try to go to the Home Page (and I have it full) and not to a generic download area...

The 'S' model let me set any page as the Home Screen.
#3 AZgl1500, Apr 29, 2014
I decided to risk my home page, and moved the floating screens around and cleared off all of the icons on Samsung's Home Page.

I then placed my favorite "Home Page" adjacent to the GS's Home page and slid the icons from the old page to the Samsung Home Page.

Then I purposefully downloaded and installed the Android Forum app to read this forum to see where it ended up.

Well, as I mentioned earlier, my home page is full, and the new app Shortcut icon appeared on the next page to the right of my newly assigned Home Page.

So, a lot of frustration with things Not Being The Same from one phone to the next phone, but I did finally get What I Wanted...

The far left page is my Home Screen and a Double Tap on the Home Button will put me there.... then I can scroll across to access things in the specific order that I want them...
#4 AZgl1500, Apr 29, 2014
now that I have the Android Forum app installed, how do I assign the GS5 sub-forum to Favorites? Or make it the default page to load up, which would be better.
#5 AZgl1500, Apr 29, 2014
You can assign any of your screens as home by long pressing to bring up the floating screens. At the top is a little house icon. It is greyed out on all but one screen-the current home screen. Just tap it to reset any screen to home.
#6 Trimbaud, May 25, 2014
Thanks, Trimbaud. I've been going crazy as my GS5 repeatedly changed my home screen. Now I know how to restore it, without moving a dozen icons around. hooray for the forum.
#7 mrrego, May 28, 2014
thank you..... there is always a trick if you know what it is.
#8 AZgl1500, May 28, 2014
Thanks! I thought that little house icon was an arrow, pointing up to the trash. That sure helped.
#9 jcartier1, Sep 13, 2014
Me too back in the day.....
for whatever reason, didn't think to see if it was an active button.... oh well.
#10 AZgl1500, Sep 13, 2014
Excellent! Finally an answer that works well!!
Thank you!
#11 hoozat, Dec 27, 2014
Me too. I spent many minutes on this. They should change that icon. I never imagined that it was a house. I was afraid that I would delete everything
#12 SamRhoads, Feb 16, 2016