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Guess who is below you

Well, this is easy. You need to guess who the next poster is!!!!




#1 IOWA, Feb 12, 2010
Well this might be vague but I am going to guess a member of this forum... Does that count?:D
#2 skottiesgerl, Feb 12, 2010
#3 sensesfail99, Feb 13, 2010
#4 skwerm, Feb 14, 2010
see, told ya
#5 skwerm, Feb 14, 2010
#6 MikeMcG, Feb 15, 2010
Nope. Sensesfail
#7 IOWA, Feb 17, 2010
Avs are close, but wrong gender. :D

#8 OfTheDamned, Feb 18, 2010
Nope. =S Numus!
#9 Thefoodman52, Feb 18, 2010
#10 IOWA, Feb 18, 2010
Not Iowa
#11 MikeMcG, Feb 19, 2010

I watched a topless vampire show in vegas last night called "Bite" It was cool :)
#12 sensesfail99, Feb 21, 2010
You are correct!

Was it a showgirl type of thing or s strip show type of thing?

Hmmmm, MikeMcG
#13 OfTheDamned, Feb 22, 2010
Your good.

#14 MikeMcG, Feb 23, 2010
good job!

I think ofthedamned

It was like a little of both... they didnt just like strip for you... kind of hard to explain... It was cool though. Def not just some broads running around topless on stage.
#15 sensesfail99, Feb 26, 2010
You are correct, sir.

Do you remember the name of the show or where you saw it? Maybe I can catch it next time I'm out there.

Hmmm skwerm?
#16 OfTheDamned, Feb 26, 2010
#17 lildegregs22, Feb 26, 2010
Damn right its me! :p

Ofthe it was called "Bite" and it was at the Stratosphere. it was like 60 bucks per ticket. You should def. go to it!
#18 sensesfail99, Feb 26, 2010
Why yes, sensesfail99, I posted below you! Good guess!

My guess is going to be.... Fabolous.
#19 Thefoodman52, Feb 27, 2010
Im going to go with Mike this time.
#20 sensesfail99, Feb 27, 2010
We have a winner......:)

#21 MikeMcG, Feb 27, 2010
WRONG! Mike or roze!
#22 sensesfail99, Feb 27, 2010

John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt ?
#23 OfTheDamned, Mar 1, 2010
How did you know my nickname?

Frisco (where has he been?)
#24 MikeMcG, Mar 1, 2010
He been in my pants.

Really though, I have no idea.

I'm guessing sensesfail because he lives on these game threads.
#25 Thefoodman52, Mar 1, 2010
Clem, clem don't dare show her snow covered face 'round here. :p :eek:

OK, late night crew time. Let's see, mafia style, say, RICO
#8651 Unforgiven, Mar 14, 2018