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[GUIDE] Easy way to get MSL without calling Sprint or using CMDA Workshop

C&P From Kyouko ( Thanks )

Before doing this make sure you have aLogcat. You can get this from the Market
Also its easier to find your MSL if you go into alogcat and "clear log" before doing these steps.

First off I'll start by saying I have tried this on my phone , the official sprint update..

Anyway, I came across this screwing around a couple months ago when I wanted to reset my PRI, and apparently it still works with 2.1 roms.

doing this make sure you have aLogcat. Also its easier to find your MSL if you go into logcat and "clear log" before doing these steps.

**Refer to the attached picture if you get lost**

  • So step 1 is to go to your dialer and enter ##DATA# or ##3282# which will bring up the EPST menu
  • Once the menu pops up just select "View Mode"
  • At this point you will see a screen with 3 selections.
  • From here either press and hold the Home Key and select aLogcat if you ran it before, go to your tray and run Logcat.
  • After opening Logcat it will update, once it finishes press "Menu" and "Pause" the log.
  • Then scroll until you see a group of entries labeled "I/EpstBroadcastReciever" which should be green
  • Locate the line that has "MSL Code=" at the end of it
  • Edit: Or press Menu and Filter "MSL" (thanks wjason)
And there you have it, your 6-digit MSL code without ever calling sprint or using a computer. [​IMG]



#1 DonB, Jul 7, 2010
Nice! The best method by far!
#2 joseamirandavelez, Jul 7, 2010
Nice work, but how is this easier than simply calling and asking for it? It only takes a minute...
#3 ron, Jul 7, 2010

Some cannot be bothered by calling and explaining the scenario of getting the MSL # to a rep and sometimes when you do get a rep some do not want to give it out, which has happened to some peeps, this eliminates the wait and explanation, just an option for the members
#4 DonB, Jul 8, 2010
Too bad the threads here at Android Forums are so long. Because this information was posted a few months ago.
#5 DaWeav, Jul 8, 2010
Why would I want my MSL?
#6 normandg, Jul 8, 2010 change your slot index so your phone rings sooner when it is called.
#7 jimdroid, Jul 8, 2010

Yep thus the reason why I C&P it and gave credit to the original poster, I was hoping they may want to sticky this
#8 DonB, Jul 8, 2010
When you run the log the first time, how long does it take? I just downloaded the app after reading this thread. I have had my phone since February. It has been reading the log for 2 1/2 hours now. I have yet to be able to clear it.

Just curious if this is normal.
#9 sthrnbelle, Jul 17, 2010
Oh well, it never showed up. I am on Cellular South 1.5. But I entered 000000 and it let me in.
#10 sthrnbelle, Jul 17, 2010

Press pause and then scroll down, but not sure about your carrier, this is for Sprint
#11 DonB, Jul 17, 2010
I read in another thread that it wouldn't work for those still on 1.5. But, someone suggested the 0's and it worked.
Great info though. This has been driving me crazy and Cellular South will not give it out.
#12 sthrnbelle, Jul 17, 2010
I use LG Marquee LS855 Sprint

I push ##3282#
but on the screen appear


data profile
device self service

each menu has sub menu :

What must I do for choice?
#13 liemjerry, Jul 11, 2012
To find it in aLogcat simply filter the word "code". It will display in blue and will say sec_code:######. Mine was the first number.
#14 codyjohnson198, Sep 25, 2012