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Help. Minecraft PE

Hello. Now it's been a while since me with my friends started playing this game. Now everything might be fine. But mc is stuttering. I don't know if graphics is the thing I should blame but you see this white text in the top middle of the screen? i remember I downloaded mc version which was without this text but at the same time newest one at that time(maybe couple of months ago. And the thing is that without this 'status' thing about my phone, about fps used memory and etc displaying - mc was flawless. I could play with Fancy graphics while having max graphics settings turned on and no lag was an ordinary thing. So my question:
is there any way to remove that annoying white text funcion? I mean I am pretty sure my phone can manage better if mc stops attaining this information which most of fans/gamers don't care about?


#1 Mysterka35, Jun 8, 2018
That looks like a beta build, did you get it from the Play Store?
#2 El Presidente, Jun 8, 2018
Nope I downloaded it from other sources
#3 Mysterka35, Jun 8, 2018
But It is latest version of mc right now
#4 Mysterka35, Jun 8, 2018
So, I don't want to look nagging but how is that line is called? Debug status? Or what. Anyway would be really nice to hide it. P.S - hiding HUD doesn't solve it
#5 Mysterka35, Jun 8, 2018
I can't comment, it's not there in the version I bought from the play store and I can't see a way of making it appear.

I'm guessing you pirated it yeah? We can't really help you if that's the case.

Maybe download via Play if you really want to play it.
#6 El Presidente, Jun 8, 2018
I see, well thanks for your reply. Or maybe i will find pirated version without this thing. Thanks for advice though. I never buy android/pc games because I don't really enjoy online multiplayer games. And if opportunity on web allows me to get premium stuff... Why not?
#7 Mysterka35, Jun 8, 2018
OR you could spend 5 bucks and support the game devs?
#8 REX14RIFLE, Jun 9, 2018
First of all probly update or the apk is a viris # MOMIDELETEDTHEVIRIS
second.who still plays minecraft
#9 dnesav, Jun 9, 2018
In China we've all moved onto...

Mineeraft :thumbsupdroid: ...and doesn't need a smart-phone or tablet.
...and My World...again no devices required.
my world.jpg
...can be very creative with both of them.
#10 mikedt, Jun 10, 2018
Is the E silent 😂
#11 dnesav, Jun 10, 2018
Well, to tell the truth I rarely play Mc. Of course it's old game but it's more fun to go back to old days with friends connected over a wifi and sitting in a sofa.. crafting and building houses until one of us decides to betray and destroy our efforts and bye Minecraft :D after five months we will return or maybe not. Hehe
#12 Mysterka35, Jun 13, 2018 at 7:58 PM Last edited: Jun 13, 2018 at 8:04 PM
Also checking new updates and stuff gives thrills :D be it mc or any other game
#13 Mysterka35, Jun 13, 2018 at 7:59 PM
Not a bad Idea. Maybe I would let's say... 5 years ago. While I was still interested in mc. Nowadays i just play mc with friends if we have nothing better to do. But still, even if I am good guy who listens laws and plays it cool hahaha, well you couldn't catch pirates and other illegal bastards. No pun intended just want to tell that it's too late for me to stop pirating 😂😂
#14 Mysterka35, Jun 13, 2018 at 8:03 PM