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HELP: Texts from #@VTEXT.com

For the last year, I have been getting messages from random numbers @VTEXT.com (ex. 5024842727@VTEXT.COM). About 25% of the time I will send them a message back saying wrong number. Sometimes I don't get anything back, sometimes they start messing with me. However, the amount of texts from random numbers I have been getting is almost unbelievable. How can all of these people get the number wrong and it be my number? Right now I have 16 different numbers from the last month. I want to say its someone messing with me, but at my age, I can't think of anyone. On the other hand I want to say there is some glitch sending these messages to me. I dont know. I want to take it to Verizon but i'm sure all they will say is offer me credits for the messages or change my number. Any thoughts?


#1 Filipino.Cowboy, Feb 23, 2010
Not likely a glitch, but hard to imagine why a bunch of different numbers would be messing with you.

You can sign in to your www.vtext.com (use your regular MyVerizon sign-in) and go to preferences and then spam. You can check off to not get any web (vtext) messages, or you can manually put in the numbers you've already gotten messages from.
#2 ggp, Feb 23, 2010
Thanks, but I do not see a spot where you can check off "do not receive web messages" I would put in the numbers manually, but its a different number almost each time, and im only allowed up to 5.
#3 Filipino.Cowboy, Feb 23, 2010
Found it! Thanks!
#4 Filipino.Cowboy, Feb 23, 2010
cool! I hope that's the end of that for you!
#5 ggp, Feb 24, 2010
Did that end up working for you? I tried it and it didnt work so Verizon changed my number. I've since still been receiving this messages and now I am trying to get out of my contract because I am so fed up with it. Would be interested to know what happened with your situation
#6 appaloosafan, Jun 30, 2010
Finally, I've found someone with this same issue. I get random texts from random people and when I say "wrong number" they respond with "I didn't text you"....

Verizon has some routing issues with their messages I think....

Let me know your thoughts...

p.s. everything else works....it is just an inconvenience, cuz i get them 5 times a week on average.
#7 palm_pre_dude, Oct 13, 2010
You are correct.

The history of those issues shows it occurring in rashes and most often through towers not owned or set up by Verizon; some are still Alltel, others are rented from AT&T, etc.

They need to hear a lot of complaints about it for the impacted users to see any response from them. But the blocking feature is reported as being effective.

I've never had the issue, in several years being with Verizon, but obviously many others have. ;)
#8 Frisco, Oct 13, 2010
This is a problem I have been having for over 2 years, and always from vtext.com. I don't usually reply, because I don't care to know them. Well I replied the first time It happened just because I didn't know about this problem in Verizon. The only relation I had to the person they texted was my first name "Lyal", witch isn't a common way to spell, so I assumed just a random glitch, no big deal. Well I made the mistake of replying to a text 3 days ago, and because of that, I receive atleast one txt a day from this single person that is trying to txt the person that they originally tried to txt in the first place. So just being niced I asked them who did they originally text, and it turns out that it's the same guy from 2 years ago. I don't know if all of the texts I get are his or not, but for this to happen twice, its getting annoying and kind of wierd.
#9 lyal, Oct 14, 2010
The @vtext is someone texting you from their email.
#10 iavswn, Oct 15, 2010
I'm still getting a ton of these. Verizon has said there is no way to block it and the only recommendation is change my number, or block all texts. But from others who have said they have changed there number and still get them this worries me. I'm unrooting now, and plan on going to Verizon tomorrow to see if I get a different response (doubt it) and may change my number, which I REALLY don't want to do. Frisco, I haven't found any way to block it, only email messeges, but nothing about vtext.
#11 Filipino.Cowboy, Oct 17, 2010
Though I'm sure it's annoying and inconvenient for the person receiving the text, I find the bigger problem to be the very serious security issue regarding the person sending the text.

The idea that my texts can inadvertently be re-routed to someone elses phone is a HUGE security issue. Enough to make me weary of sending any sort of personal information via text.
In fact, the people receiving the texts are in a better place to report and fix their problem than the people sending them. They may not even be aware that their conversations aren't secure.

Several questions come to mind regarding this:

1. Did the intended person also receive the text or was it completely misdirected? If so it's possible important information could be lost or mis-interpreted.

2. Is it fair to believe that unless you respond to the mis-directed text, the person who sent it may be totally unaware that his/her texts are being read by strangers?

3. You can set up send and receive confirmations your settings, but even so, are they correctly confirming the right person received your text?

This is the first time I've heard of this problem but it seems like it affects more than just the few people receiving these texts. It potentially affects us all.
#12 Phydeaux, Oct 18, 2010
Thats kind of scary. When I send a personal text, I never think "I wonder who else can read this". You just assume its secure. Hopefully Verizon is aware of this problem and are taking steps to assure it doesnt keep happening.
#13 buckguin, Oct 18, 2010
I have been having this same problem after activating texts on my phone. In the first 2 and a half days I have received 90 texts from many different random numbers of people I do not know. They also told me at tech support there is no way to block vtext although I believe if you goto vtext.com and in the preferences - spam filter section where you can block domain names and specific numbers, just put VTEXT.COM in on of the filters to block.

The option to block email and web messages does not stop the vtext.com messages.

It seems to be a routing problem as a few others have stated.
#14 bubxyz, Nov 10, 2010
Finally I have found some kindred spirits in suffering!

I stumbled into this forum last week on a google search. I have been having the same problem with these annoying mis-texts for the past 3 years. Every time I called Verizon I would spend 20 minutes explaining the issue to the Customer Service reps and another hour of them navigating me through the vtext screen to set up spam blocking. I would get a similar response of disbelief each call and noone had ever heard of this problem before. I have talked to all my friends and nobody else had heard of anything like it. I was getting around 25 nuisance texts a day and they had no idea why or where they were coming from. Ultimately, none of the solutions worked.

I took the drastic step of disabling all texting services from my phone last March. I had finally been worn down from exceeding my 250 text allowance each month and having to call Verizon for a credit due to these nuisance messages. I had wasted countless hours on the phone with reps who could never figure out the problem.

Then I finally upgraded to the wonderful world of smartphones and got a Droid2. I hoped enough time had passed for the problem to correct itself. Unfortunately it hadn't. I had finally had enough and called Verizon the day after Christmas and threatened a lawsuit for breach of service and requiring me to agree to a 2 year commitment like 5 times before my Droid would be activated and them not providing the service I had agreed to. They transferred me to tier 2 technical support and I spoke to a very knowledgeable rep. She promised to solve the problem and told me a bunch of new mumbo jumbo that I believed would finally settle this extremely annoying matter. It didn't.

Yesterday morning I called them and gave the notification number they texted me a few weeks ago and asked what the status was. The rep said it only explained the problem but not what was being done. I was furious. Then she asked if she could log into my account and see if there was a nickname associated with my account. There was and it was my last name. She removed the nickname and I haven't had a nuisance text since. I know it has only been a day and a half but normally I would have gotten like 40 mis-texts in that time.

Sorry for the long message but hopefully this is helpful.
#15 Hans Moleman, Jan 9, 2011
This is exactly right. For over a year I have been getting random text messages from vtext.com about claims and claim numbers. After reading this forum, I signed on to my vtext.com site and I have no idea how it happened, but somehow my nickname for messaging got setup as claim@vtext.com!!!!

In the past I have called Verizon numerous times, which has proven to be of NO use whatsoever; I have realized I might know more than all of those people working for Verizon put together. So I started to save the vtext.com messages every time I got one and my plan was to eventually go into the VW store and show them all of the annoying messages and demand something be done about it. You would think Verizon's tech support would have been made aware of this issue so they can help people correct it instead of telling people to go through the hassle of changing their number, which wouldn't help anyway because changing your number does not change your vtext.com nickname. Thanks to everyone who provided this info! I'm going to be bothered about 10 times less each week from now on.. thanks again :)
#16 rkreeder, Apr 3, 2011
I too have been having the same problem. I reported a few of the spam texts to the FCC, I haven't heard anything back from them yet, and several complaints to Verizon didn't do any good. I'm glad I came across this thread. Interesting find... I changed my vtext.com nickname, and I started receiving different types of spam texts one was from a landline number. I will try removing it all together if it continues.

It is very frustrating and I wish Verizon would do something about this. They suggested I change my number too.
#17 KSL, Apr 11, 2011
I was able to block the VTEXT.com messages by going to the block list and putting "@vtext.com" in the block field.

As for texts from random numbers, I get those from time to time and when I reply people insist they didn't send a text to me.
#18 girlsliketech2, Apr 12, 2011
Thanks all for this fantastic help. My experience with VZN tech support was terrible. still 4-6 day out from tech looking at the issue. I have been recieving texts from @vtext.com at the rate of 3 a minute for the past 36 hours. I changed my 'user' name on the vtext page to an uncommon name and blocked @VTEXT as suggested. I FINALLY have a working phone. Thanks
#19 dynamt05, Jul 7, 2011
i've had this same problem for about 4 years now. i get at least 10 of the vtexts a day. when i went to verizon they told me they have never seen anyone with the problem before. I even tried changing my number, which did absolutely nothing. These messages are impossible to block at all it seems unless texting is taken away permanently. I also do not have a vtext account, or have any sort of information on that website so that makes me even more confused as to why this is happening
#20 morgan07, Jul 14, 2011
I've also had this problem since 2005 when I became a verzion customer and since then changed my number at least 5-6 times they always find their way back to my phone somehow. I also called Verizon and she didn't get what I was talking about and gave me two things to try I can't remember one but the other was block vtext. I tried to explain the messages I get are so freaking weird and random shit and sometimes just a couple letters. I once called the number in front of the vtext and it was some random person across country from where I live and I told her I got this message saying this and that and she didn't send it and I said well someone online somehow assigned your number to this text and also might want to call Verizon. I'm now friends with a Verizon tech so I'll ask him for solution and get back to ya'll soon!
#21 barb1egirl, Jul 20, 2011
same problem here. i've had my phone number since 1998 and only when i started using smartphones about 4 years ago did this problem occur. they not nearly as rampant as some of you are experiencing (maybe about a half a dozen every year) but i get texts from all over; california, texas, florida, ohio, etc. (i live in new york), and always from @vtext.com. sometimes they even know my first name! i can never reply though to tell them wrong number or ask who they are or how they got my number, as my replies always come up 'message not sent.' the weirdest part is that some of the texts i receive do not indicate that this is the first time this person is texting the intended recipient, as the conversational tone indicates they already have their number saved and converse with them on a regular basis; making it even odder since the number would be saved in their phone and not being texted for the first time, and thus potentially incorrectly entered so as to text me by mistake. so bizarre.
#22 jimm723, Oct 14, 2011
I have been having this problem for the past 6 months and am SOOO sick of it!!! I have changed my # twice and still have the same issue. Don't change your number because it will continue and there is no way to stop it. I have used up all my 15 #'s for the spam block and continue to recieve these Vtext.com messages from varies people.... I am at the point to cancel my contact and pay the penalty fee!

When I'm calling into Verizon, everyone says they have never heard of this problem before all they can do is change my #... It is VERY frustrating! These text messages I get are dozens and dozens a day nonstop!! I have downloaded other apps to block it out but it has not helped because those text I have blocked are blocked but yet continue to get others.... I too, also believe this is a routing issue and something needs to be done about it. Honestly, the truth is I don't think they really care because of all the $$ they are making already. UGH!! I get so upset about this!
#23 spicyphatgurl, Nov 3, 2011
My boyfriend has an ex. He met her a couple years ago and at one point he started receiving texts from her that were meant for her sister. This women "claims" that she is not sending them to him, and she has no idea why he gets a copy of the text. He changed his number to stop this and it didnt work, he continued to receive them. Its not been at least a year and a half and he has just changed his number again and he is still getting them. I assumed she is doing this on purpose, somehow got his new number, as she on the psycho side and doesnt fully give up on him. After researching this I found this thread and now Im wondering if it may be verizon. Of course my boyfriend has talked to verizon and the women claims she has too. So are all your misdirected texts from people you dont know and from vtext.com or is anyone also getting texts from people they once knew?

#24 wingszz, Nov 11, 2011
i've been getting dozens every day for over a month and they almost always seem to add in a word or two of something that was a part of my day or call me by nicknames people have used for me throughout my life so i'm sure there is someone messing with me but they tend to use a different "from" number almost every time. i don't know how they get through because i had the @vtext.com blocked along with anyone texting me from an email or web app - THEN i tested the www.vtext.com site to see if i could text my own phone number from their site and i can't get through, it says "invalid number". so how is this working for this person??? ...i spoke to verizon tonight and they want me to call their fraud department tomorrow (closed tonight) so they can trace the texts, maybe your boyfriend should try that too.
#25 zelle, Dec 11, 2011