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Hidden Apps, hard-to-find settings...

I recently found what had been best settings for taking a snapshot hands-free, which was to use a remote shutter, the one seen here:
a https://www.ebay.com/p/Hapurs-Bluet...a-Shutter-Release-Self-Timer-for-I/1337894712
And a suggested app, called "AB shutter" (Now missing from google play store)

After installing the app, some magic permissions window that I had never seen before, which allows some apps to have unlock permissions with my phone appeared,

Then something changed, an update perhaps, and now when I go to snap a pic with my bluetooth shutter device, it does not go to the camera as it did before, but goes to this screen, (seen below) which looks and acts like a lock screen but says "screen is unlocked" yet does not allow me to do anything until I touch the fingerprint scanner.

Basically, as always I just want to take a pic from a phone , sleeping or not without touching the phone.
I finally got the combination of a custom LG pass phrase and ok google, to operate hands-free, but I really liked this simple "snap a pic" setup.
Any ideas on how to disable this screen, (what screen is it if it is not a lock screen?), and where is the magic permissions panel that controls unlock permissions to apps? it was one page, had all applicable apps, and sliders.
And not I got that darned "opening app" voice notification again anytime I open the app hands free!
Mister Wizard! Help!



#1 Papamalo, Jun 13, 2018 at 3:53 PM