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Support How do I "deactivate" an app?

One of the apps on my Galaxy S2 Skyrocket stopping functioning properly, and i want to uninstall it. Eac time I try, I see 2 buttons, [OPEN] and [DEACTIVATE]. When I click to deactivate, I get a popup stating, "Thos app is an administrator and must be deactivated before uninstalling."

Soooooo, how do I deactivate the app in Jellybean. 4.1.2?


#1 Sirrah, May 15, 2013
Hello Sirrah.

Go to the main settings menu > Location and Security > Device Administrator and deselect the administrator which you want to uninstall, then "force stop" and uninstall the application. :)
#2 Frisco, May 15, 2013
If I may add .. Home page > Applications > Settings ... not Home page (menu-bar) "Settings"

I got caught after a bad day with an app that has wiped out two new "Galaxy S2 4G (GT-I9210T)" phones.
(Now ... to sort out the phones in another thread) :stickyman:

Hope it helps other newbies like me

Thank you Frisco for showing the light at the end of the uninstall tunnel ... :)
#3 bawldiggle, Aug 4, 2013
Many thanks to both of you for responding!
#4 Sirrah, Aug 16, 2013
thank you guys posting this would've never have found how to remove armor for android it infested my phone with ads
#5 stancobalt, Nov 24, 2013