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Support How do i save routes on Google Maps

I use my Google Map to navigate to places and was wondering if there is a way to save routes on the google map? or if not is there an alternative software that can do this?


#1 foxahmed, Nov 23, 2008
so i take it this cannot be done?
#2 foxahmed, Nov 28, 2008
Next best thing that I can tell is that it does save the locations from start to end per se, so just reentering those will bring up your route rather quickly.

That is how I use it and it works very well,

#3 lkosova, Nov 28, 2008
Also you can save the destination as a contact. 1) In Google Maps>menu>search>(enter address or name of business)>search>press and hold on address>select save as contact. Next time you need to go there Menu>directions>(press small box to right of line one)>select current location>(press small box next to line 2>select contact>select contact from list>(press)Route.
#4 DarkTLRrider, Nov 29, 2008
I think that is what I meant???? I think it saves the locations automatically. It seems to do that with mine but now I will have to go check it out on the interface.


#5 lkosova, Nov 29, 2008
thank you people!!
#6 foxahmed, Nov 30, 2008
How to save a 10 mile radius around your current search area

Enable the Google Maps Labs Map Pre-caching:
  1. Open Google Maps android app on your phone
  2. Tap Menu button > More... > Labs > Precache map area
  3. Now when you search for a location, click on the map label that appears
  4. In the location view that appears, tap Menu button
  5. Tap Precache map area

Bingo. You can now view 10 miles around the current area offline.

This may also be relevant: code.google.com/p/big-planet-tracks/wiki/HowToSaveGoogleMapsForOfflineUseOnAndroid
#7 jingalingalong, Oct 13, 2011
This is perfect, apart from these precached areas are lost when the phone is re-booted. Is there any way I can stop this - Sony Xperia Ray on Gingerbread
#8 clp1000, Mar 14, 2012