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Support How to check missed calls?

Hi everyone,

I just got the phone and I'm still working on it, learning and checking on new stuff. It's my first android too.

One thing that I'm not getting through are the missed calls. For example, I get a miss call, then it shows on the notification bar and stuff but when it's gone and I want to check on it again, to see the number for example I can't anymore. I tried to go to phone and didn't see, it isn't either on call logs, or contacts. If I see the options, it just show me option multi select and clear log.

So how do I check on missed calls whenever I want, like I used to do with other phones??

Thanks a lot !!


#1 Azuos, May 1, 2012
It's been my experience that when I get a voicemail from a missed call AND it does not show up on my MISSED CALL log that it means your phone service was going in and out of service.

My mobile home has a tin roof. I watch the signal(number of bars) literally bounce from 0 to 3 where I use to sleep. I found a SWEET spot near a certain window on the WEST wall. This spot gets 3G, every other spot in the mobile home get very poor reception. Except of course west wall windows.

Even though it's across te room from my bed, I never miss a call now. It always shows up on my log.

Bad news, if someone does not leave a message AND You have no signal THEN you will not find it in your missed call log.

Just my experience...
#2 Llanyort, Jun 3, 2012