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Support How to factory reset or root Tablet KUNO 4 ???

Dear All,

I have got Kuno 4 tablet and I want to factory reset it, I tried volume up + power button the screen appear with android robot and disappeared.

I searched about root or cwm for it but didn't find any solution.
I tried to contact the company but no replies.

Here is the specs and website for the tablet. http://www.mykuno.com/kuno-specs.html

Please help me guys.



#1 Mohammed Elgioushi, Oct 19, 2015
Look for a small pinhole that says "RESET". There SHOULD be a reset button somewhere on it. You may need a straightened paper clip to get in there. Hold the reset button in for a good 10 seconds... that ought to restore the tablet to factory settings. All user apps and data will be lost.
#2 The_Chief, Oct 19, 2015
thanks for your reply.
as you said i found RESET button in the back and i pushed it but nothing happened only made a reboot.
could you tell me what can i do?

#3 Mohammed Elgioushi, Oct 19, 2015
Reset on some devices just resets it, makes it reboot, and doesn't actually factory reset it.

Kuno "Classroom Now", is this an educational student tablet supplied by your school or college? If so, maybe they know what to do if you're locked out. Curriculum Loft is the company. http://www.curriculumloft.com ...could try phoning them... 866-553-LOFT (5638)

I'm a school teacher, but our students are not using tablets, they're not even allowed mobile phones. :thumbsupdroid:
#4 mikedt, Oct 19, 2015
i tried to contact them and sent emails but they didn't reply. i am from egypt and this tablet i got it from my friend as a gift.
if you can contact them and asked for my problem i will appreciate that, may be they will answer you.
#5 Mohammed Elgioushi, Oct 19, 2015
Yeh, but this is an educational tablet I believe, intended to be supplied to students by schools and colleges. And you have to a Curriculum Loft account to access their support site. http://support.curriculumloft.com/Account/LogOn?ReturnUrl=/ They might not respond to personal users, have to be from an academic institution probably. Being what it is, it might have a master password, that only the appropriate people know, like school support departments. It's highly unlikely you'll find any root or CWM recovery for this device. They'll make sure of that, to stop students messing it up. How did it get to Egypt?

I can't phone them, they're in the US and I'm in China. And we certainly don't use their stuff.
#6 mikedt, Oct 19, 2015 Last edited: Oct 19, 2015
anyway thanks, i found software called kingo root.apk and i succeded in root it and now i am searching for the way how to install cwm or twrp to format it. if you have any idea tell me.
#7 Mohammed Elgioushi, Oct 19, 2015