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How to find an app?

I gather that in the Google playstore over 1.5 million apps can be found. I use the words 'can be found' frivolously since I increasingly have problems to find what I'm looking for. It's very awkward that Google doesn't provide something like an 'advanced search' option which helps me to more effectively zoom in on my whishes.
For instance: I am fed up with constant advertisements eating away at my precious Mb's, my bandwidth, my atttention and my nerves; I only want to BUY apps with no advertisements. Were not paid apps quite common once? This morning I was looking for a web-radio app and among the first 50 (!) I clicked on none of them featured a version without ads. I gave up. How much time should I spend to find among the thousands of offers those few with a paid version without ads?
There must be websites providing a better way. I'd be very grateful for some help.


#1 Mabel64, Sep 3, 2017
You can use a web browser to only find paid apps, here's a link for "web radio" search:

You can toggle Paid, Free, and All near top of screen. I don't think the Play Store app lets you do this.
#2 kate, Sep 3, 2017
That's exactly the advice I was looking for! Thanks! (Very strange the store-app doesn't allow this.)
#3 Mabel64, Sep 14, 2017
In fact, I often visited the app store with a webbrowser, but never saw the options like displayed when I clicked your link. I tried again without the benefit of your link, but didn't see the filter for 'only paid'. The operative addition to the URL in your link seems to be 'c=apps', but if this option is lurking somewhere on that (cluttered) page it is i.m.o. well hidden :)
#4 Mabel64, Sep 14, 2017
You need to set the page to view as desktop site rather than the mobile version, then perform a new search and the filter options will appear above your results.

In chrome simply load the page and then hit the options and select "Request desktop site".
#5 JAy3001, Sep 14, 2017
Tested this...

If I search from the main page https://play.google.com then click Apps to see all apps from the search it doesn't show the price option.

But when I click Apps first, then search, it will show the price option. Strange.
#6 kate, Sep 14, 2017