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Tips How to Fix a LG Optimus G | Screen Repair Guide

The helpful techs at Repairs Universe created this step-by-step repair guide featuring how to tear down the LG Optimus G E970 for owners to be able to replace a cracked or broken screen themselves. Whether you have a shattered glass digitizer or broken LCD screen you may use this guide to reference the proper steps to disassemble your Optimus G to install a new screen replacement.

This How-To guide will assist you when needing to install the following LG Optimus G parts:

LG Optimus G E970 LCD + Touch Screen Digitizer Assembly

The recommended repair tools needed to perform this repair are:

  • Small Phillips Screwdriver (#00)
  • Torx T5 Screwdriver
  • Adhesive Strips
  • Safe Open Pry Tool
  • Heat Gun or blow dryer (used to warm and loosen adhesive)

Let's begin!

How to fix a LG Optimus G E970 - Take Apart Guide:

Always make sure your device is fully powered off before you begin the dis-assembly.

  • First remove you sim card and micro SD from the side of the device.
  • Take your Torx T5 Screwdriver and remove the two (2) screws located at the bottom of the phone.
  • Then take your pry tool and pry off the back cover by releasing the clips holding it in place.

See figure below for reference:


  • With the back cover removed lift up the protective film covering the battery's connection. Then take your Small Phillips Screwdriver and remove the 2 screws securing the connection.
  • Next remove the eleven (11) Small Phillips Screws circled in the figure below.
  • With these screws removed take your safe open pry tool and pry up the back housing and mid-frame releasing the clips holding them together.
  • Now that the back housing is removed and the motherboard exposed you can start releasing all of the necessary connections.
  • In the figure below you will see ten (10) connections that will need to be released. You will also notice on the right side the volume button flex will need to be lifted out of the slot in the housing.
  • With all the connections released you may now gently lift out the motherboard from the housing.

See figure below for reference:


Take your pry tool and gently remove the rear camera from the housing. The camera is held down with a little adhesive.
Next you will want to pry up the headphone jack flex assembly from the housing.
You will also want to remove the gray rubber grommet shown in the figure below.
Next take your safe open pry tool and lift up the charging port flex assembly which is adhered to the housing at the bottom.
You will find that feeding the 2 antenna cables through the clips on the housing to makes room to lift out the charging port assembly and be out of your way.

See figure below for reference:


Now you will need to use a heat gun or blow dryer to apply heat to the front of the screen assembly
This will help loosen the adhesive holding the screen in the inner bezel.

On a medium heat setting apply heat in 30-45 second intervals hovering about 3-4 inches away from the screen and housing. During the removal process you may need to re-apply heat to stubborn areas.
Once you have loosened up the adhesive enough take your safe open pry tool insert it between the space of the housing and the screen assembly.
Slide your pry tool along the sides of the frame to release the adhesive holding it in place.
Finally, you will need to slide the flex cable through the slot in the housing to completely remove the screen assembly.

See figure below for reference:


Before you re-assemble your device you will need to clean up the old adhesive and any glass shards that may have been left behind from the removal process. You will want to cut and apply new adhesive to ensure your new screen replacement is secured properly and fits a flush as possible.

NOTE: This repair guide is for informational and instructional purposes only. Perform this repair at your own risk.


#1 repairsuniverse, Jul 3, 2013
Great guide, repairsuniverse. I did have a question that I hoped you could answer. I've noticed there are many similar model numbers to the one listed in this guide (E970), such as the LS970 or the E973. The prices I have found on such replacement screens/digitizers have varied widely based on these model numbers but I cannot see much of a difference on the pictures. Are these Digitizer Assemblies interchangeable on these models?

Thanks for all your help.
#2 mdmoose29, Jul 22, 2013
Thanks mdmoose29! To answer your question the LCD + Digitizer Assemblies are very much different. The price difference could be a fluctuation from the manufacturers availability and price.
#3 repairsuniverse, Jul 29, 2013
Do you know if it is possible to replace JUST the digitizer? I apologize if this was already covered but I'm in a rush and I'm very tired of seeing such high prices for lcd+digitizer glass replacement. I don't think my actual screen is cracked, just my digitizer and I need a new one and quick. So I found a digitizer for the e970 from china for 22 bucks 30 bucks shipping but before I order it I need to know if I can separate the old digitizer from the lcd screen that way I can just replace the digitizer
#4 Roman1337, Sep 13, 2013
Sorry to say but your suspicions were correct. For this device the touch screen digitizer and LCD screen come fused together. It is nearly impossible to successfully separate the two parts. Unfortunately your best bet is to purchase the combination screen (touch screen + LCD screen).
#5 repairsuniverse, Sep 16, 2013
What type of adhesive is use on the lcd screen.
#6 eyemapierate, Jan 28, 2014
We usually use 3mm double sided film to re-attach it to the housing.
#7 repairsuniverse, Jan 29, 2014
Could I get away with using 1 mm double sided tape
#8 eyemapierate, Jan 29, 2014
I would think so.. make sure you place it fully along the edge of the glass. You wouldn't want it lifting up in the future.
#9 repairsuniverse, Jan 29, 2014
I have seen some screens assemblys for about $50 on amazon, but i would like to know where you got yours from. I also dont have a heat blower thingy but my mom has a hair dryer. How well would that work?
#10 zaza433, Jul 14, 2014