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Apps How to play m3u8 format stream videos in android


I want to write a code for playing the playlist stream video file which is m3u8 format. If I give the source url link of the playlist (m3u8) in the MediaPlayer, it throws exception. Can you please help me for finding the solution.

Thanks in Advance.


#1 saravanancitian, Jan 27, 2010
I am also looking for this solution.

#2 jalara, Jul 22, 2011
Welcome to AF

The MediaPlayer is bugged with regards to starting playlists via intents. You kinda have to roll your own solution.

It wont ever understand a path to a playlist either m3u or m3u8 - unless they recently fixed that in honeycomb or something.

Also feel free to drop by out app dev section: http://androidforums.com/application-development/
#3 alostpacket, Jul 22, 2011
Dice Player can do this.
#4 NZtechfreak, Jul 23, 2011
Certainly 3rd Party media players probably all handle the intent correctly, but the default/stock Android media player does not. :(
#5 alostpacket, Jul 23, 2011
Works great for many formats, though sometimes still need aneesoft to do converting~
#6 Janet55, Jul 23, 2011
Just FYI, thes OP's question is a development question not a "what app can handle this" question.

I'm gonna go ahead and move this to the development forum because the response are getting confused :)
#7 alostpacket, Jul 23, 2011