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Support How to recover accidentally deleted .jpgs in Galaxy Android 5 ?

Is there any way to recover accidentally deleted .jpg photos in Galaxy Android 5 smartphone?
The .jpg photoss were stored in 64Gb SD memory card fitted in the phone.

Any useful tip will be appreciated!
Thank you all in advance!


#1 Clair17, Sep 11, 2017
If they are not overwritten by new data, it's possible to recover accidentally deleted .jpg photos in Galaxy Android 5 smartphone with the help of Coolmuster Lab.Fone for Android. All deleted .jpg photos will be scanned out and recovered to computer via usb cable easily.
#2 radiosong, Sep 11, 2017
You can try this app from your phone:


There are also apps you can use on a PC, which I'm not sure of right now.

Generally it is recommended to stop using the SD card that you deleted your files on to stop the data being overwritten by new data.

Good luck.
#3 JAy3001, Sep 11, 2017
Questions to radiosong:

1. What is Coolmuster Lab.Fone for Android - is it an app or computer program? If Yes, what computer - Mac or Windows?

2. How to know whether files deleted are overwritten by new data?

Thanks for your replies!
#4 Clair17, Sep 11, 2017
If they were on the removable sd card then you can stick that in a card reader and use any file recovery software on a computer to recover them. No need for anything with "phone" in the name, freeware like Recuva (Windows) will do in this case.

If they are on internal storage, including the bit that pretends to be an sd card, it's harder. You can try some of the things above, I've never used any of them so can't make any recommendations.

How you know whether files have been overwritten is that they can't be recovered. That's it. Though obviously if the software can't recover anything at all that tells you that that piece of software can't do it rather than that the files have been overwritten.
#5 Hadron, Sep 11, 2017

Thanks Hadron but there is some problem here:
A computer can not read that 64Gb card when inserted in the slot.
Also, Is there any program like Recuva but for Mac?
#6 Clair17, Sep 11, 2017
Why can't it read that SD card, was there a format issue or an incompatibility issue?
#7 Phalon4, Sep 11, 2017
Were you using Google photos on the phone before they were overwritten?
#8 Dannydet, Sep 11, 2017
File recovery utilities certainly exist for the Mac, but you'd need to do a web search to see what is currently available and at what price.

But the card reading problem is the more important one. We'll need more information about that.
#9 Hadron, Sep 11, 2017
There's Mac stuff here:

Mac Data Recovery Software to Get Lost Data Back - EaseUS Mac Data Recovery Wizard.

But they do stuff for most common platforms.
#10 michaelkenward, Sep 11, 2017
As long as ther's not more than 2GB to recover it looks like the free version of that would do the job.

It might be worth trying that even if the Mac cannot read the card (assuming that that isn't because the card is encrypted or formatted with a filesystem that the Mac doesn't understand). I did once manage to recover data from a card using EaseUS software when it had suffered a master boot record failure and was unreadable by either Mac or PC.
#11 Hadron, Sep 11, 2017
Another photo recovery software for Mac. It is not free, but worth a try (free to scan and preview) when you think necessary.
#12 TerryPen, Sep 13, 2017
Well, now the problem here narrows down to inability of Mac to open this particular SD card.
[Recovery will be no problem with the programs you recomended - -I've tried them].

I've opened other SD cards - they all come off the shelf Windows formatted but I've no problem opening them- just this one.
It still works OK on Samsung Galaxy.

Isn't there any specialised program able to make
his problematic SD
open in Mac???
#13 Clair17, Sep 14, 2017
It depends on why the card is problematic. What message do you get when you try to read it in the Mac?
#14 Hadron, Sep 14, 2017