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Support HTC Sync Manager-device unavailable, reconnect phone (4)

Hi basically Im trying to restore a backup I had done with HTC sync manager however everytime I connect my phone it displays the error message above. Is there a solution to this? My phone is rooted, S-on, bootloader unlocked. Is this causing the problem. If I cant do it via HTC sync manager which is rubbish anyway, is there another program I could use or extract the files from the HSM backup file and then drag and drop?

Thanks in advance



#1 Imran jan, Dec 23, 2014
Hmmmmm what computer windows your using 8.1 or vista

Do you have all the drivers such as adb and HTC sync drivers
#2 BRAINZ2013, Dec 23, 2014

Im using 8.1. And I have all of those drivers downloaded, I think the latest ones i just redownloaded them
#3 Imran jan, Dec 23, 2014
It was a problem and was needed to be done manually but you say u got them . so what happened when you plug USB to device into windows 8.1 do u get sound or????
#4 BRAINZ2013, Dec 23, 2014

Sorty for the late reply. Yeah when I plug it in the I get the sound and red 'HTC One M8 connected' comes up in top right. But when HtC sync manager opens it tries to load the phone, but then says its unavailable
#5 Imran jan, Dec 24, 2014
Go into device manager on the PC/laptop with m8 plugged in what yellow Flagg's do you see
If or if not just try to use the cwm universal drivers
#6 BRAINZ2013, Dec 24, 2014
Thanks, now it works :)
#7 hefturush, Mar 10, 2015
I've got the same problem as the OP, but installing the universal adb driver didn't help.
I have a Windows 8.1 64bit laptop and the Verizon version of the M8. I've installed the latest version of HTC Sync manager and when I attach my phone with the USB cable, it shows up in my Windows Device Manager working correctly. When I first plug in my phone, I get the windows sound and 3 windows on the upper right of my laptop asking what I want to do with the phoneq and the CD rom. I've tried choosing different choices and not choosing anything. When I click on "Check for firmware updates" I get a "Yes" answer and after a few minutes the phone appears in the Sync manger window saying "Phone connected Loading data". Then, after about a minute, I get another pop-up saying,"Device unavailable. Please reconnect your device(4)" I have tried different settingPleases on my phone under "USB network settings" mostly "Smart network sharing". Noththing works. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
#8 markdoc, Mar 18, 2015
Thanks for the suggestion, but I realized that I wasn't clear. I want to install the "Firmware updates" that are available. According to HTC, Verizon phones are the only ones that can't download them directly. You have to use their "Sync Manager". I'm going to try your app because now I use "AirDroid". I can transfer most anything between my phone, my laptop and even another phone but it's a little cumbersome. I still need to figure out why I can't connect to the "Sync Manager". Thanks again for trying.
#9 markdoc, Mar 20, 2015
I did a factory reset and downloaded the new syncmanager. Now my phone connects without a problem.
#10 markdoc, Mar 28, 2015
I have done all of the above, and still receiving this error. I have tried to connect to a Win7 and Win8.1 machine, same result.
#11 jtweedy, May 7, 2015
Have you tried a different cable?
#12 EarlyMon, May 7, 2015
I have tried two different cables, both from HTC phones. Also have tried to connect on two different PCs, one running Win7, the other Win8.1.

HTC support responded to my inquiry that they have received multiple complaints that HTC Sync Manager is having issues with the Lollipop update. The tech support dude says: "they are working on an advanced update to fix this issue." No ETA...
#13 jtweedy, May 7, 2015
Mine is doing the same thing, on Win 7; I was on the phone with HTC support when it happened, and nothing we tried worked. It will "see" the phone for a brief minute or so, and then revert to the "no phone is connected" message.
#14 notacoach, May 20, 2015
I had this issue too on Lollipop with an HTC One M8. Issue was resolved by going into the HTC Sync Manager Folder on my desktop and locating the AndroidHtcSync.apk files (there were 5 of them) and copying them to the root of my HTC One M8. From there, I opened the file manager on my phone and clicked on all of the apk files and installed them all (not all of them installed). Restarted phone and it was recognized after that.
#15 tfox39, May 21, 2015
This one worked for me! ;)
#16 Adi Cioara, Jun 14, 2015
I haven't been able to sync music on my HTC One M8 for well over 3 months.. I skimmed multiple Android forums looking for a fix without any luck until seeing this post. Thank you so much!!! :D
#17 Chris Mac, Jul 24, 2015
This worked for me thanks.
#18 aznjdevil, Jul 27, 2015
Ya.thanks .that did work for me also..and i think this is the ultimate solution..
#19 Lalo_m8, Aug 8, 2015
Can you explain what you mean by what i've highlighted above @tfox39 ? How do you copy to the root of the phone?
#20 ella69, Aug 10, 2015
Not the actual root.

When people say this they mean to the internal storage or sd card, not in a subfolder.

Which btw, isn't important and makes no difference when side-installing apps like this.
#21 EarlyMon, Aug 10, 2015
I made an account just to say thanks! After hours on end of looking for something this was the only thing that actually worked for me. Happily backing up now.
#22 Jimprince, Aug 16, 2015
Thank you so much! I thought I was hopeless after resetting my phone and not being able to sync.
#23 MadMark08, Aug 20, 2015
Is this issue specific to Lollipop? We are on KitKat and experiencing the same issue.
#24 kanderna, Aug 30, 2015
Thank you, thank you, thank you. A weeks worth of frustration taken care of in 5 minutes thanks to your post. I could not figure out where to get the apk files from.
#25 karlluiis, Sep 8, 2015