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General HTC Transfer Tool Problems?

Anyone having trouble using the HTC Transfer Tool to move stuff from your old phone to your new HTC 10? I am, and have tried it with two different HTC One devices without success. The PIN required to pair the phones never shows up in the old phone.

Suggestions on to how to overcome this would be greatly appreciated. TIA!


#1 DUTCH VanATL, May 9, 2016
In addition to the currently downloading and installing OTA upgrade to the phone system, the HTC Transfer Tool has also been updated in the Google Play Store. I'll have to see if it will allow me to transfer now.
#2 DUTCH VanATL, May 10, 2016
No luck with the update. Still can't transfer from my HTC One to the 10.
#3 DUTCH VanATL, May 10, 2016
So you have issues not only with the HTC Transfer tool, but also the HTC Sync tool as the thread you have here?:

Are they 2 different tools?

In other words, would both these threads be best served if merged into a single thread, or best served separate as perhaps you can get one working and others can discuss either tool in either thread so that we will not confuse one or the other. that was a run-on sentence eh? :p Hope that made sense. :)
#4 Mikestony, May 10, 2016
The HTC Transfer Tool is an App on the device. The HTC Sync Manager is a software program that is installed on the PC. They are indeed two very separate and independent items; and, as such, need to be addressed separately.

FWIW, I'm not getting a whole lot of help from HTC Support; and I may have to return the 10 and revert back to the One. Sad!
#5 DUTCH VanATL, May 11, 2016
I've found that the problem with the HTC Transfer Tool is not with the HTC 10. It is with the old HTC One (M7) - two of them, actually. Tried it with the HTC One M8, and it works just fine. It won't with the HTC One (M7)

Still getting nowhere, however, with HTC Support and the HTC Sync Manager not recognizing the HTC 10.
#6 DUTCH VanATL, May 14, 2016 Last edited: May 16, 2016
transfered from HTC One M8 without problem but we installed the new app on both phones at the same time.
#7 love HTC, May 15, 2016
Been there and done that multiple times with the HTC One M7 with no joy. For some reason the HTC Transfer Tool won't work with the HTC One.
#8 DUTCH VanATL, May 16, 2016
The instructions from the HTC forum need to let users know that they must choose "HTC transfer tool {PIN}" from the list if wireless networks on the old phone in order for the PIN to appear on the transfer tool of the old phone. I think many people are under the impression (as was I) that merely turning on and connecting to a wifi network will enable this process to work. That doesn't seem to be the case. What's actually happening is that the new phone is creating a hotspot for the old phone to use for the transfer. Hope this others.
#9 Bill Gee, Oct 12, 2017
I wasn't able to contribute when this thread was last active as we didn't have a 10 in the house at the time. But my wife got one a few months later, and we were able to use the HTC Transfer Tool to set it up without any problems.
#10 Hadron, Oct 12, 2017