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Ignore network extenders

Possible on a rooted 4.2.2 Jellybean Droid Mini to disable all connections to network extenders?

My phone periodically connects to a neighbor's extender and it's actually worse than the normal crappy connection I get from the house.

I'm hoping there is a database setting or some config I can tweak to disable that. I can't believe that they would design these things so that I have no control whatsoever in regards to how my phone connects to the network. This seems like a major security issue to me.


#1 salimoneus, Jul 30, 2015
No Security Issue at all.
I have one of the Verizon Network Extender mini cellsite modems. it was wonderful for me, and gave very good service for me within a 300 foot radius of its' location.
My primary irk with it was, if a call started and I was on the extender at the time, when I drove away from home, the call was dropped as it has no way to know which tower to switch to when I leave home. minor, but irksome.​

The service from a Network Extender is highly dependent on two things.
1. how good is your neighbor's internet service? if that is weak/slow, so will the network extender's performance.
2. how far away is your home from his home? the extender is only a 300 milli-watt signal.​

if your phone is connecting to his Network Extender, that suggests to me that the nearest cell site or availability of a Verizon cellsite or other, is extremely poor. And it is for this reason that your phone is detecting a "Verizon" signal even if it is weak, it will make that preferable to a roaming signal.

I'm not using mine anymore since Verizon finally installed a tower close enough to me that I don't have to roam off to another ISP for cellphones... as per my avatar, I'm in a very rural area.

I never tried to turn off access to other folk's extenders, but you do have the option to turn off Roaming. Try that, if his extender is not identified as "Verizon", that will do the trick.
#2 AZgl1500, Jul 31, 2015 Last edited: Jul 31, 2015
Try going into settings then, WiFi or Connections (I'm not sure how Motorola does things) then tap on the hamburger bar to get to Advanced, then uncheck Auto Login under WISPR settings if you have that option, (Again, I'm really not familiar with Moto phones but I have it on my HTC). HTH
#3 dontpanicbobby, Jul 31, 2015
he was not asking about a WiFi repeater, but a bonafide Verizon Mini Cell Site modem.
those are connected to the internet modem, and then it takes it about 10 minutes to go thru its' setup phase. Once all is done, it becomes another Verizon Cellsite just like the ones they have on the big towers around the country.

Anyone with a Verizon cellphone will automatically get logged into that Mini Cell... I had 5 phones here in my home, and we all used the mini cell site when in the house.... but as I mentioned, if we were talking to someone and left the house and hit the road, the call is dropped at about 300 feet from the mini cell network extender box.

again, has nothing to do with WiFi. It is the phone service that he wants.
#4 AZgl1500, Jul 31, 2015
While security concerns are there, it's mostly the poor connectivity and the fact that anytime I leave the house my call gets dropped, are the main things causing me grief. There is no "hand-off" of my calls from his extender to the next nearby tower, that seems like a fallacy.

Unfortunately disabling roaming does not do anything, the extender is still apparently seen as the Verizon network and thus phones give it the highest priority connection.
#5 salimoneus, Jul 31, 2015
yep, I remarked on the dropped calls at least twice.
nothing can be done about that, simply because as an Extender, it is based out of Los Angeles, CA and when you leave home here in Tulsa, OK there isn't any "close by" California cell towers to hold up the conversation :rolleyes:

try this sometime, just to get a thrill.
Once you know it is on the Extender, bring up a browser, or just click on this link...
let us know where it thinks your ISP is located :D

What Is My IP Address?

for me, because I use a VPN, I get this:

ISP: Astute Hosting
Services: None Detected
City: Seattle
Region: Washington
Country: United States

I have a list of about 220 ISP locations around the world to choose from.
Last night, I was in Denmark. ;)
That brings up some interesting Google Home Pages. :thinking:
#6 AZgl1500, Jul 31, 2015
I know there are many setting and parameter databases used by the Android OS, and have worked with at least one SQL table to change the hotspot configuration so I'm comfortable doing that.

I'm especially interested in finding out if there are modifiable settings used by the phone radio, and where those settings are stored.
#7 salimoneus, Jul 31, 2015