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Inserting text into Image after its creation in Tasker

In version 4.8u1m I tried to create variable %Desc that holds inside string "Image 01". Then I have created the Image1 itself using Element - Create and then in the 3rd line I have passed the variable into the button through Element - Text.

Unfortunately the image doesn't show at all any test, even when color is changed. Is it version related or I misenterpreted code?



#1 darkpixie, Oct 11, 2017
Everything you are doing with Tasker is very interesting and is pushing Tasker's limits.

I had a simple issue in the past ... the screen sizes of phones were getting larger ... wouldn't it be great to have a scene that displayed correctly on smaller and larger screens.

The solutions that seemed obvious did not work. My solution was to create a Large version and a Small version of the same scene. I then queried the screen size and displayed the appropriate scene for that size.

... Thom
#2 Thom, Oct 11, 2017
So from what I suspect, there is no straight answer for a question and I need to discover it on my own by "shooting like blind bat in to the dark forest at full speed"? ;) Is that what You meant, that Tasker has endless possibilities if I make the "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" approach and just guess how to address text field of objects? Seems painfull, because there is nothing about it on Google, Wiki etc.
#3 darkpixie, Oct 11, 2017
and it is affected by what device it is run on.
and it changes when Tasker has a major upgrade.

Tasker is an igneous application that was written by and is maintained by ONE PERSON. He addresses the highest priority issues and doesn't get to all of them. Tasker is a work in progress.

I upgraded to 5.0 and still have a copy of 4.9 on an alternate device because a Kid is not created correctly under 5.0 and I need it. He hasn't gotten around to fixing it yet.

It is easy to assume that Tasker is a programming language ... it isn't.

... Thom
#4 Thom, Oct 11, 2017