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Is it truly unlimited?

Im thinking of joining metro. I wanted to know if the 60$ plan completely unlimited, no throttle. The carrier I have now, in able to connect my phone to my pc for web usage. I've heard that isn't the case with metro. Is there a way around that?



#1 Kg198202, Jan 9, 2015
Yes its unlimited just look at this

#2 BRAINZ2013, Jan 9, 2015
Yes, it is.
In the past there was a "soft" cap that they didn't advertise but it was very high, something like 60GB/mo. and was intended only for people who were using their phone as their primary internet service and/or downloading tons of large files like movies. That was before the T-Mo days and may no longer be true, although it still wouldn't be a good idea to use your phone in place of a proper internet provider as the network isn't intended for that.
Officially, tethering to other devices is supported for an additional charge and there are restrictions, see here-
Unofficially, if your phone is rooted, things may be different. A bit of searching on the forums will turn up some relevant information.
#3 Fox Mulder, Jan 9, 2015
I was told that metro pcs advertises unlimited on that plan, but throttles after 5gb by the shop owner.

Thanks for the info
#4 Kg198202, Jan 9, 2015
Yea, that owner was lying to ya.
#5 confed, Jan 9, 2015
Last month I used 102 GB worth of data cause I use Netflix a lot and stream a lot of music. The month before it was close to 120 and the month before that was around 90 GB...

never been throttled
#6 Ninjew, Jan 10, 2015
Thanks everyone for the input, ive joined metro a couple of days ago. Ive only used bout 2gb. I was able to connect to my pc and use a usb tethe program.
#7 Kg198202, Jan 13, 2015
I love to hear stories like this. Not because i do or want to do the same with my plan, but because it gives me a little peace of mind with my use of 10+GB per month on my unlimited plan.

Since you work with MPCS, what do you know about accounts being red-flagged for this type of use, and after months of excessive data consumption being messaged warnings, and later throttled, and in some cases terminating their accounts?

I know i read this in some threads in the past. from OG members on the Metro section of this forum, however i dont know if this is still going on.
#8 stuntiNIN0, Feb 8, 2015
I have had their unlimited plan for over 6 years and I have never once had any issue with throttling. I had their LTE unlimited plan since the Indulge came out, which was the first 4G LTE Android device in America.
#9 confed, Feb 8, 2015
All I know is that they check for abnormal use. I use that much data because I stream Netflix every single day.

They know the difference between steaming and say downloading a torrent. I haven't heard anyone getting Red flagged for using that much data. HOWEVER, I wouldn't take chances with downloading torrents and whatnot cause they can tell the difference.
#10 Ninjew, Feb 9, 2015
Carrier can't tell what you're doing when on a VPN which I would recommend just for security reasons and from prying eyes. All they can see is a you're using data that's encrypted.
#11 jsnbbq, Feb 23, 2015
I am in my 3rd day of testing with www.purevpn.com on my home computer.

My home internet is AT&T ADSL and throttled to 12.1 Mbps

When I log onto the TrueVPN "World's Fastest Server" the www.speedtest.net results are showing me consistent results from 21 to 24 Mbps. That is twice what I can get w/o the VPN tunnel.

add that speed boost to the security enhancement, and I am sorely tempted to sign up for the yearly plan which results in a per month cost of $4.16; a cost that will not even be felt after paying for AT&T's $60/month charge now for internet. Actually, I have ATT and DirecTV bundled together.... that $4 charge is a pittance compared to the total bill.

Add to the above package that PureVPN will let me have a phone VPN service at no extra cost.... hmmmmm
#12 AZgl1500, Feb 23, 2015
I have been averaging 35 gigs a month and never have been throttled... Actually I have the tethering plan and it's more than twice as fast as my ATT uverse at home internet.... Its FAST... Just be careful going out of town to smaller citys or just out in the middle of nowhere....I get NO signal .. Still worth it though.
#13 thebehemoth735, Mar 14, 2015
im using about 200 gigs a month with no ill effects aside from spotty service with an average of 1.5mbs downloads. paying for tether is a pain in the groin. root magic made the pain bearable. data freedom.
#14 silentgumm, Mar 15, 2015
It's beyond me how people can possibly use that much data on their cell phones. I used up 8.5 Gb on my phone last month and that was a ton of data used up on video. 200 Gb would have to be Netflix 24/7
#15 dportal2006, Mar 15, 2015
If you're able to stream in HD I believe the average movie is 2GB, so 100 movies or about 3 movies per day, or 6 - 7 TV episodes a day. Wouldn't be too hard if you're able to watch some at work.

But in SD, which 1.5Mbps would be, that would be a ton of videos.
#16 kate, Mar 15, 2015
whats the big deal about netflix. youtube ftw besides theres much better use of data than videos. many android games can exceed 1 gig and as I pay for tether your not counting content I use on the go. many of my friends have joined metro after my positive review and I only post that now to say that i am satisfied with my service provider for once. (1tb+ a month for home cable aint bad either)
#17 silentgumm, Mar 15, 2015
the average 5 minute 1080p vid on youtube is 100 megs. an hour a day adds up fast.
#18 silentgumm, Mar 15, 2015
I've been doing right around 60-70gb a month. No torrents or large file downloads or anything like that, most of my usage comes from streaming TV and movies through the Hulu app on my phone Usually once a month I'll get a warning notification on my status bar that says I've used 10 or 13, etc gb in a specific time frame but that's an Android thing, not from the carrier.

As far as throttling goes, I have not experienced anything of the sort. I ran this speed test while typing out this post. It's not cable or fiber internet fast but it's not bad.

#19 Benny Lava, Apr 3, 2015
I have the $50 unlimited everything and it appears to be truly unlimited. I use about 6 g monthly
#20 jetjaz, Apr 18, 2015
You sighed up with metro pcs phone in order to get $50 unlimited?
#21 Skyroket, Apr 21, 2015
I think you have to sign up with a metro pcs phone to get the 50.. I signed up with my unlocked lg g2 and I pay 60 a month but really I pay 55 because me and my wife are on the same family plan
#22 thebehemoth735, Apr 22, 2015
The $50 unlimited promotion excluded BYOD.
#23 confed, Apr 23, 2015
Correct and it's over now anyway, so unlimited is back to $60 for all devices.
#24 Fox Mulder, Apr 23, 2015
So I know this thread is pretty, pret-ty old, but I wanted to share something very.. let's say astonishing about MetroPCS aka the Bernie Sanders of phone companies. I've been loyal to Metro for two years ++... and I will show you why.



Lol... it's obviously not hurting them because I got my ASUS last year, my cycles are pretty much consistently similar to these, and it's worked flawlessly ever since with the help of a VPN and EasyTether (best tethering app btw I've tried all). Internal tether does work well, but ALWAYS disconnects eventually. And that sucks when you use this as your ISP.

I kinda feel like a douche.. but at the same time.. IT'S HARD OUT HERE YOU FEEL ME?!!
#25 dopamean, May 1, 2016