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Support Issue with video freezing on YouTube - audio continues

After around 30 seconds of any youtube video, the video freezes and the audio continues. I've tried uninstalling updates but the factory version is also the same. So now the app is unusable. Any idea what's happening and what we can do to fix it? Seems a lot of others are facing this issue. I'm unsure if it's a youtube problem or a samsung one...


#1 markyboy81, Sep 4, 2014
I'm having the same exact problem. it is happening with my hbogo app also. but Netflit is working fine. I'm using a galaxy s5.
#2 stonedstoner, Sep 7, 2014
Even I had the same problem. What i did is clean the cache for the you tube app. You can do that individually in the ap manager window.
Clean the Cache and check if there are any updates. THen restart your phone.
The problem should be resolved.
#3 sukesh123, Sep 8, 2014