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General Just released, possible U12

I've read in two separate articles that a rendering of the U12 has been seen. They claim its different than the U11 and most notably is the back. No more glass, it's metal. I know its too early to count on any of it, but I can't help it. I hated the glass, love the metal. (You can attack me now. No matter what, I still think glass is a ridiculous material to use when strength is a priority.) Here's the link:


#1 markdoc, Jul 25, 2017
I'm with you with respect to glass vs. metal. If the U11 had been metal, I might have considered surrendering my 10. This gives me hope.
#2 TooHip, Jul 31, 2017
Since my post, there are more articles coming out. Unfortunately, I can't tell of they're original or copycat. I'm the same way. I've been getting a new HTC phone every two years with Verizon. Now, I'm planning on keeping my "10" until the U12.(if what the articles are saying is true.)
#3 markdoc, Jul 31, 2017
Unfortunately that article says it's a "concept" render, which IMO is equivalent to saying "fan fiction".
#4 Hadron, Aug 5, 2017
I know. But after playing with the U11 for a few days, I've got to believe some of it will become fact. The U11 is definitely faster, but I can live with my "10"s speed. The edge squeeze isn't a must have either. I like having the newest phones. But, IMO, the U11 doesn't contain any "must haves" and the earphone issue is definitely a killer. I can live nicely with my "10" until the U12 comes closer to being real.
#5 markdoc, Aug 5, 2017
I really wouldn't bet on the headphone jack coming back. Put simply, the U11 is reported to be selling better than the 10 despite lacking the jack, so the message that they will see is that removing it hasn't hurt them (but will have reduced costs and given them a bit more space to work with).

To be honest I'm feeling pessimistic about HTC making a phone that will suit me in future. The size is the killer for me, but by the same logic it won't be seen as a drawback by HTC, so even if they move to a longer aspect display (which I expect they will - manufacturers who stick to the traditional design will look increasingly old) I expect them to choose a 6" display rather than a 5.7", which then makes the phone the same size as a traditional phablet. Of course others will doubtless like that, but it doesn't suit me well.
#6 Hadron, Aug 6, 2017
Not a Samsung fan at all but I do like the tall thin look and feel of the 8. If HTC were to exaggerate that a bit I might have a look at the 12.
#7 today, Aug 6, 2017
It's not the missing headphone jack that bothers me on the U11. Its the way HTC implemented the earphone sound. On the "10", you can adjust 5 frequency ranges for each ear. If done "correctly" and paired with decent earphones you get fantastic sound. On the U11, there are no adjustments. They removed the app. Instead, you have to use the included earphones. They supposedly sense the shape of your ear canals and adjust the sound accordingly. If you use any other earphones, even with the included dongle, you cannot adjust the sound. That is the killer. If your hearing isn't what HTC considers perfect, you're out of luck. Its crazy. The U11 ignores the entire earphone industry and anyone that doesn't have "perfect" hearing in both ears. (like myself) I can't imagine the cost of adding some form of radar to the phone and designing earphones that can send and receive it. Then, after all that engineering, they skimp on the sound reproduction.
As far as your feelings about HTC phones fulfilling your needs, I have the same concern. I've been an HTC fan for years. The "10" has been the closest to my perfect phone. Now, as you said, HTC has gone off in a completly different direction and lost me. Unless the U12 render has some basis in fact, I too will be looking somewhere else. If you should find something promising, please post it. Good luck.
#8 markdoc, Aug 6, 2017
I can't see any reason they couldn't have implemented the same sort of tuning they had with the 10 for standard earphones with the U11, even if only a single profile. But my guess is that they convinced themselves that the "U sonic" system was a selling point, and decided to concentrate on that and gave less emphasis to the alternative (either just not making it a priority or actively deciding that it shouldn't compete).

The annoying thing for me is that my phone is currently showing its age badly, but there's nothing available that feels right as a replacement. If it dies this week I'll have to make a choice between compromises (one of which is to buy a 10 myself - my wife has one, but I'm still using an M7. However, since I keep my phones for several years I'd prefer something with more storage and a longer support lifetime remaining).
#9 Hadron, Aug 6, 2017
IMO, stay away from the M9(if that's being considered). I had one. After running hot all the time, it finally fried itself. I know it was the same chip that other phones used, but the M9 could not be charged while using it for any period of time. Once again good luck.
#10 markdoc, Aug 6, 2017
The M9 is definitely too old to buy now. My daughter has one though: extremely battered, but still going. She likes the speakers.
#11 Hadron, Aug 6, 2017
I just read an article that should interest you. It claims that HTC will be releasing a smaller version of the U11. Here is the link:
If you already know, then sorry to bother you. Have a nice day.
#12 markdoc, Aug 12, 2017
Thanks, but the problem is that that's a much lower-end device (manufacturers assuming that only people who like large phones want high specs is a pet hate of mine).
#13 Hadron, Aug 12, 2017
Yes, I saw that too. I wasn't sure which was more important to you, form or specs, now I know it's both. You're obviously aware of the same things I am, maybe more, so have a good day and I'll stop bothering you.
#14 markdoc, Aug 12, 2017
Oh no, please don't apologise :)

It's both because I keep my phones for several years, hence like specs to be up to date when I buy. If I changed more often I'd be less fussy.
#15 Hadron, Aug 12, 2017
I agree with you. When I buy a phone, I want the best I can afford so it remains usable as long as possible. It's even more important now that Verizon has stopped the "New every two" program. I've been paying $200 USA for a new phone every two years now it will be $600 - $800. I'll be keeping my "10" for a long time.
#16 markdoc, Aug 12, 2017