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KingRoot Safe To Use?

Kingroot has quite a reputation for "shady" practices (see this XDA thread) but is often the only working root solution. Provided you're aware of the potential risk(s), and get rid of its junk asap after obtaining root, it's probably safe enough.

This thread discusses how to replace the Kinguser control app with something known and trusted by the Android community.
#2 Slug, Jun 21, 2015
Yup this is what I did and have had no problems since replacing Kinguser with SuperSU :thumbsupdroid:
#3 funkylogik, Jun 22, 2015
I tried it on my Note 3 too. So far so good. Don´t know why they have such a bad reputation, maybe because they come from China
#4 Luis Joselu, Jun 23, 2015
Use this app to get rid of the Chinese crap https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=darkslide.com.supersume
#5 funkylogik, Jun 23, 2015
Are we talking about Kingroot, or Kingoroot?
#6 Mikestony, Jun 23, 2015
Think I used kingroot v4.1 mate. I'll have a look if I still have it.....
#7 funkylogik, Jun 23, 2015
Kingroot mate
#8 funkylogik, Jun 23, 2015
The XDA thread I linked above explains all.

The app reported the device IEMI back to a server in China, which is a very obvious security concern for one thing. There's also the matter of it (a) insisting that its own SU manager is the only choice, and (b) installing other associated apps which then prove difficult to remove.
#9 Slug, Jun 24, 2015
I've been using Kinguser sence I cant seem to remove it, I do have SuperSU along side it till I find a way to uninstall Kinguser
#10 Android_Guy_8840, Jul 9, 2015
Have you tried the app linked above? Follow the instructions in the description to the latter :thumbsupdroid:
Uninstall Kinguser by using a root file explorer, go to the root of the phone and search "Kinguser", delete it.
But I "think" that app does it for you if I remember correctly (probably not lol)
#11 funkylogik, Jul 9, 2015
King Root ALMOST Bricked my Samsung Galaxy Tab 4.
#12 Jordan Luders, Jan 19, 2016
Kingroot was the only method that rooted my lg tribute 2. I tried everything else because of what I had read about kingroot. When I ran supersu-me it bricked my phone and so far I haven't been able to recover it.
#13 jlp, Jan 30, 2016
Just rooted my Lg Lucky with Kingroot yesterday,(only option for this device) I just received a call on Hangouts, with MY profile picture showing up from +1283196 it's some Bullcrap going on for sure.!
#14 Eternal00, Feb 7, 2016
I had king root and tried to replace it with king user and supersu in a one touch program and i think my phone is bricked. my phone boots but stays stuck on the logo. Any advice?
#15 RickyRlto, Feb 11, 2016
just did my lg gpad8 tablet with this ( 5 secs ago ) what do i do to remove the kinguser ?
#16 aaa dock, Feb 19, 2016
yeah, I used Kingroot for my Tribute 2 also.

it works but wondering if there's now a safe replacement?
I don't like it that it's not in the googleplay store.
#17 Pi, Feb 27, 2016
Kingroot has been updated and it is a lot harder to replace Kinguser with SuperSU. You could check out Super-SuMe app in the Play Store and see if your phone model is supported.
I have used the script method on older versions of Kinguser with some success. Not sure how it will work on newer version.

#18 Jfalls63, Feb 27, 2016
There is the Chainfire method that seams more prefered by many in the community. I used the CF route to root my Galaxy Grand Prime which I thought was a 'Permanent Root' method. But when I tried to connect it to EFS Pro it said that it wasn't permanent. Any incite on this.?
#19 Android Commander, May 10, 2016
It's better to replace Kingroot with SuperSU or Superused via recovery. I've used Kingroot to root my smartphone three days before, and then I found in my Google account history that my smartphone "had been" to Ireland that day. I've never used VPN, so that is likely that Kingroot have done it.
#20 OCDEngineer, Jun 24, 2016
The level of blissful ignorance here is astounding. Kingroot only works with a network connection. Why is that? Because it's a data miner that sends all your data to unknown and unaccountable persons in China. The IMEIs are harvested and used to clone gray market devices, and sold to shady operators so that stolen high-end devices that are blacklisted can be activated again. Your e-mail and contact e-mail addresses are sold to spammers for spoofing purposes. Just think, over the next few years people will be getting their porno spam with your return address, which will quickly become blacklisted, resulting in perhaps your own e-mails never reaching their destinations. Any other data they can get, such as anything you happen to type into a form or message, no doubt will be used appropriately. Seriously, wake up people.
#21 guyonearth, Aug 7, 2016
@guyonearth i think kingroot is safer to use than google, microsoft, apple, twitter, facebook and what have you. Perhaps kingroot does indeed do all those things you say. But with monster companies like google we can be assured they record everything we give them. For our own benefit of course. Or is it.

Best thing is to disconnect right now..

Keep calm and follow the white rabbit.
#22 d320hax, Aug 23, 2016
I used KingRoot on my galaxy i527 mega 6.3 , this phone has a locked bootloader and near impossible to root , the only way I found to root it was with kingroot , worked fine although once rooted that's it can't do anything else with it with locked bootloader , was able to install viper audio app to enhance doing quality and volume , if I buy the G7 may try kingroot so I can install viper on it also , viper rocks.
#23 mmkkpro, Nov 24, 2016
Well probably your fried your processor or mother board of your phone/tablet. It happened to my phone before. You can't revive the phone anymore. Sorry.
#24 ShiftyGaming, Mar 6, 2017
Is this for real?..
#25 ShiftyGaming, Mar 6, 2017